Barcelona: Picasso Museu, Tramvia Blau & Font de Magica

Once we were up and full of yummy breakfast (thanks again Acta Ink606!), we headed to the Picasso Museum! I was insanely excited about this and I really, really couldn’t wait. It had been on the list of things to see since I booked my tickets back in January.


The museum itself is set in one of the houses that Picasso actually lived in, which was later owned by his friend, who turned it into the Museu Picasso! I was actually pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t full of the abstract, wacky art that I think of when I think of Picasso. He was an incredible sketcher and they honestly looks effortless. I wish I was better at ‘life drawing’ and ‘observational drawing’. I did do life drawing at college, but I wasn’t the best! There were only a couple that I was happy with. Anyway, I was really impressed with the museum and the architecture itself was lovely, as well as the many different sketches and paintings that were in there. I paid €8 as I got a under 25 ticket thing, but I think it was still only €14 for a normal adult ticket. I would totally recommend it if you are arty and have a few hours spare :)

We then stumbled across the Santa Maria del Mar church, which was a complete accident. When we came out of the Museum, we kind of went away from where we needed to be and when we saw the small entrance to the church – we had to go in! We had absolutely no idea what it was, but, yet again, Barcelona did not dissappoint. It was glorious! The architecture was slightly similar to the Sagrada Familia, the day before, but you could feel that this architecture was from a different time. It was stunning! We sat for a while, listening to the msuic playing and taking the odd photograph, before leaving so that the service could start.



We then headed to the beach (Port Vell). The weather had definitely turned a little bit colder, but it was fun all the same and, of course, we had time to take pictures, sit about and take pictures of our feet. Haha! After a very relaxed wonder along the beach, we decided to jump back on the metro and go up to Tramvia Blau to get on the tibidabo up to the top of a mountain. This was probably the biggest mission of the entire holiday – there was no directions, no signs and when we did eventually make it to the area where you get on the tibidabo, it was closed! We were utterly exhausted and I think we were both pretty fed up from all the effort we put in to find absolutely nothing at the top! However…

We did find the most amazing little cafe. It looked really, really expensive from the outside and I did turn to Jodie and say that I was unsure if I had enough money on me for food. We went in, grabbed a table next to’the glass wall’ and starred for a good 10 minutes. This little café had the most amazing view of Barcleona and we later found out that it was known for it! It was incredible! You could see the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, the beach, every single building and everything in between! It was honestly amazing and I could have sat there all day! We ordered a few tapas dishes and a diet coke each and was amazed to find that each dish was around 3 euros each (about £2). So, we were extremely happy and full of tapas!


We left the little café and we jumped on the bus outside and went all the way back to Las Ramblas for a spot of shopping. I bought a couple of nice tops and a jumper for when I got home! We then headed back to the hotel to get changed for our last night in Barcelona. We had heard that the Font Mágica (The magic fountains) were closed for a re-fit, but completely unsure on whether we would see anything at all, we set off to the train station.

Luckily, the fountains had reopened that evening and I have to say that it was completely and utterly fabulously! It was so good to see the different colours and the atmosphere was so, so good! I would say that this is a ‘must’ if you’re going to the city. The thing that amazed me the most was the amount of runners/people who lived in the city, just walking passed it and not even taking a second glance. It was really strange. I know that I can sometimes be in a hurry, but I can honestly say that I always look at the things that I pass. Be it, something in London, or when I am just driving along in my car. You should always look.




After the fountains, we headed down a little way towards the train station we had started at and we went in a restaurant called ‘Mussols’, which was on the rooftop of the shopping center. (I later found out that this shopping center used to be the bull fighting ring, but was converted into a shopping center when it was banned in Barcelona.) Mussols has such a lovely atmosphere and the waiters are all so attentive – they literally keep your glass full of strawberry sangria at all times! I had beef medallions with brie cheeses and special potatoes, which was amazing. After an amazing meal and a couple of jugs of strawberry sangria, we made our way back to the hotel and got ready to leave in the morning.



Although I didn’t leave until the Saturday morning, I’m not going to blog the last day as I literally got up and went to the airport. There isn’t anything over exciting that you would want to read haha! I had the best time in Barcelona and I will 100% be going back! I get the feeling that I have missed a few things and would love to go back in a few years time to see if the Sagrada Familia is any further along. Look up Inka 606, if you are looking for a clean, fresh, modern hotel that has everything you need. I really do highly recommend it! :) I hope that this has helped you a little bit in decided to GO TO BARCELONA! Haha! (Oh and I will be uploading allllllll of my photos to my flickr account, but have no idea how it works yet…. ha!)

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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