“…. the V&A. It was bliss. Utter bliss.”


So, I’ve had a pretty horrible day today. I woke up at 7:06am (I normally leave at 7:15am for work). I then rushed around like a mad woman and got ready, drove to work (was still late), set up my classroom, had a manic day, treated my year group teacher to some birthday lunch, taught RE and PE, practiced my basketball skills, marked all of my test papers, phoned over to my Deputy Head; who had already gone home – no observation feedback for me, drove home, looked at my phone and read a pretty horrid message from a buyer on eBay, who got my item and her money back for no apparent reason (eBay, I still hate you!) and then looked at my ‘marking bag’ which was full of about 18 geography books that needed ‘detail marking’. Urgh! It’s exhausting. I do wonder sometimes, how it got to this! Haha! My life used to be fun, I swear!

Anyway, to cheer myself up and feel a little bit human again, I though that I would blog about my day up in London on Saturday. I actually felt like the old me for a whole day and didn’t let myself worry about school or marking or assessment or data or ofsted or observations or anything. Plus, I went to my favourite place in the whole entire world…. the V&A. It was bliss. Utter bliss.


So, we headed straight to the V&A. By ‘we’, I mean me, my mum and my aunt (who NEVER comes out with us, but who we love lots and lots!). After a quick stop-off at Liverpool Street to grab our ‘Boots meal deal’, we jumped on the circle line, all the way to South Kensington. It was an absolutely stunning day and I couldn’t believe the lovely weather! We spent 5 fabulous hours in there looking at the new fashion exhibit, sculptures, paintings, photographs, jewelry, silver, theatre and performance pieces. It was fab! Plus, we even got to sit out in the sunshine in the V&A courtyard bit in the middle and eat our lunch. It was the happiest I’d been in a while and I realised how much I needed it.




Once we were all V&A’ed out and we had had a little look in the shop (stay tuned to find out what I bought), we jumped on a number 14 bus to Piccadilly Circus. We walked all of Regent’s Street, popping into different shops and buying the odd thing or two. We eventually made it to Oxford Street and, once again, I realised how much I absolutely love London. There’s just something about it – there’s always something going on, always noise and people and I just love it! I love how different it is from other cities and how I always, always feel safe. We walked down to Selfridges (my second favourite place in London), and we mooched around while we searched the rails and tried on hats (thanks H&M).


I ended up buying a lovely lilac Ted Baker phone case (which I had wanted for a while, but hadn’t seen the lilac one), I also bought some high waisted black ripped jeans and a lovely little white scallop edge top. I was very, very happy walking out with my masses of Selfridges bags as I had gone to a few different departments and collected up the yellow beauts as I went! Lol! (Oh, I also bought a beautiful turquoise ring from the V&A and a pair of little swallow earring studs).





We came out of Selfridges and decided to grab some food. We went to Bella Italia across the road from Selfridges and stuffed our faces! It was gorgeous food and it was lovely to spend the day with my mum and my aunt. They are so funny together and I do really enjoy their company. I had some lovely cheese and chicken pasta bake thing and gobbled up the whole lot! We came out and jumped on the train home – I just about managed to stay awake and we arrived home at about 10:45pm. It really was a brilliant day and I wanted to share it with you. I hope that you had a good weekend, whatever you did and you did something you love!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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