Breaking up for Easter & Birthday celebrations at Jamie’s Trattoria!

So, Friday saw the day that I have been waiting for for the past 13 weeks…. EASTER HOLIDAYS!!!! I cannot explain how good it feels to be sitting here on a Monday morning at 10:22 typing this and not have to think about anything work related! It’s awesome! What’s even more awesome is that I had a weekend full of amaze! It was so, so good and I think I have eaten and drunk enough to keep me going until Christmas! It is glorious to do things at the weekend that isn’t marking.

PubFriday – I zipped home early, curled my hair, threw on some ripped ‘cold knee’ jeans (note to self, your knees actually do get pretty cold) and a beaded grey top and headed out to my friend from work’s house. We went and picked up some people and then headed to a pub in a town near where I live. It was to say goodbye and good luck to a couple of women that I work with – one of which had survived 17 years at my school!!!!!!!!! As we had booked it, we had our own little roped off area, which was pretty fancy! The only thing was we had to elbow our way through everyone to get to the bar for a drink lol! It was such a good night though and I drunk more than I have in a long time – I had an awesome time and it was so good to go out and dance all night! I hope that they are both very happy at their new school and I know that my school isn’t going to be the same without them!

Then, on Saturday – After a trip to Lakeside in the day and a bit of a mooch around the shops, we started getting ready for my sister’s birthday outing! Did I mention that she came home for her birthday? No, oh, she came home on Thursday and is off to a conference to present her paper on feminism today – very fancy! Anyway, her friends, Emma & Brooke came and we headed to Jamie’s Trattoria in Chelmsford. I had never been to a Jamie’s Kitchen / Italian / Trattoria, so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about! Needless to say, the food was lovely. I had sizzling meatballs for my starter, carbonara with ham and leeks for my main and a citrus crush for my drink – it was all very nice and I loved the decor of the restaurant. The staff were lovely and very attentive with explaining what the specials were, making sure we all had drinks and generally not letting us lift a finger. It felt more like we were all in a fancy London restaurant, rather than an affordable restaurant in Chelmsford. Massive win! Please note that I assumed that we were doing ‘excited / my dinner has arrived’ faces in the photos – that’s A LOT of teeth. Haha!


jamie's 2.jpeg copyThen, yesterday was my sister’s actual 28th birthday. She was up super early for her presents and she got some lovely things – I got her a handmade, hand-painted tea cup, The Imitation Game on DVD, a top from H&M that is completely covered in giraffes, a big box of jaffa cakes (her favourites) and a cute triangle orange box with a little black cropped top in it. I’m glad she liked all of them. She got heaps more, but I’ll let her tell you about those! Then, we went to visit my Aunt, who doesn’t live too far, we drunk our cups of tea, talked about feminism and looked at all of her crafty paper things that she has been making. She had made us all a little Easter basket with roses on them filled with chocolate goodies! She is rather clever! On the way home, we bought yummy things for lunch and then lazed about for a while, before going out for a nice curry for dinner. She has literally just left for her conference so, fingers crossed she has a lovely few days. It’s only 2 more weeks and she will be home for good!


It’s been so lovely to have a few days to myself and say ‘yes’ to things that I wouldn’t have been able to if I was at work today. Today’s plan is to blog (duh!) and then get as much work done as physically possible while watching as many films as possible! Haha! Call it sad, but I set myself little aims of ‘when the film will be finished, I will have ‘so and so’ done’! Haha! I don’t care if I have to stay up all night! I don’t want to be working all over the holidays!

I quite liked blogging about my weekend and catching up with you all! Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of sleep, some good friends and some amazing food to feel human again. It’s the little things, but the big thing all the same. I have lots planned for these holidays and I’m excited to share it with you! Let me know what you thought and I will see you in the next one!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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