Favourites: Youtubers

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So, without really realising, I have become a little bit obsessed with youtubers. I know this sounds a little bit odd, because most people either know absolutely everything that there is to know about them or nothing at all, but I’m new to all of this malachy and I just thought that I would share a little bit about what I’m loving!

Youtube is, of course, not a new thing, but youtubers are – to me! Haha! I found it a little bit strange that someone would sit in their room on their own and then just upload it onto the net for everyone to see. But, then I got thinking – it’s basically the same as blogging. It’s having a chat, thinking out loud and documenting something, so it’s pretty amazing. I really, really like vlogging and I think these are my favourites! I love seeing how other people are and what they get up to. Yes, like 99.9% of the rest of the world, I am a nosey parker and love it! Lol! I think it would be pretty awesome to vlog an important day because then you’ve got it again and again. Anyway, I need to stop rambling and get on with it.

All I thought that I would do is share with you some of my favourites. You might know them really, really well, or you might not have a clue who they are. Either way, I like them and you might find out something that you didn’t or see somewhere that you fancy going, so I thought it would be a worth-while blog. Here goes…

Up first, it’s ‘Fun for Louis’ (with 1.2 million subscribers)! He vlogs every. single. day. which I find baffling in the first place. However, even more baffling than that is the amazing days he has! I was amazed when I wikipedia’ed him to find out that he is 33 becasue he looks so much younger! He has been almost everywhere and always seems to have friends to meet up with wherever he goes. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty envious of the life he has and the amazing things that he seems to get up to. Here’s just one of his many videos:

Next up, it’s a bit of an obvious one: Zoella (7.7 million subscribers)! Or MoreZoella (2.9 million subscribers)! Now, I have said this is a bit of an obvious one becasue I have kind of jumped on the band wagon. Zoe Sugg is now hugely will known and very much in the public eye, but I do really like her videos, particularly her vlogs! I love that she films herself with no make up on and when she’s got big spots and that she is just normal. I also love her pug, Nala. Ha! Here’s her little trailer thingy from her channel:

Now, we’ve got Tanya Burr (2.8 million subscribers)! But, not Tanya Burr, as a whole – I love, love, LOVE her baking videos!! She inspired me to make my Easter cupcakes and the oreo ones are definitely one my wish list! I just wish I could be a tiny little bit more healthier because I watch her videos and then I just want to eat loads and loads of videos! She is so bubbly and fun (and I also love her style). Here’s her oreos ones, partially because they look amazing and I want to share them and partially so that I can find it easily for when I come to make them! Haha!

And my final favourite was pretty difficult to choose, so I have cheated a little and found a video with both of them in. It’s Tyler Oakley (6.6 million subscribers) and Marcus Butler (3.5 million subscribers)! I love Tyler’s generally for how happy and upbeat he is and how he puts me in a good mood and I love Marcus because he seems to film some interesting things! He’s always going out and about! But, obviously together, they are even funnier! Haha!

Okay, so that’s it. Five of my favourites to sit and watch if I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’. I could tell you so many more that I am watching at the moment, but obviously, I don’t want this to be an entire essay-like blog on youtubers. I do wonder how they got into it though…. like why did they have that thought to pick up a camera and talk about their day or what they’ve bought recently or where they’re going. It must be a strange kind of ‘I don’t care’ thing to do in public, especially if you’re on your own.. But, it always looks fun! :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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