April is going to be totally awesome!


Can you believe it’s April? APRIL?? That’s mental to me! It’s the fourth month, but I am definitely feeling positive about it all… I begun the 100 happy days challenge this time last year and I was considering maybe doing it again, and then I thought, no, I’m not going to do something that I’ve already done. So, instead I am going to try and blog at least 3 times a week every single week in April. I love blogging and I love how I will have to set time aside and just type. I just thought it would be a much better plan! Obviously, I’ll do lots too, because otherwise I’ll have nothing to blog about! Haha!

April has got a lot going on… Easter holidays full of awesomeness and seeing all of my lovely friends! My sister is also coming home for good! It’s my friends 30th birthday and we are going to celebrate it in style (I can’t tell you what we’re doing yet, just stay tuned :)) and it’s just going to be awesome! I think April might be the month I get back to feeling like myself. I am going to go to London and listen to The Stones and Jay Z simultaneously. I am going to do new things and go to new places, and who knows? Maybe even plan and book some exciting things. There’s quite a lot in my brain at the moment, but once I know for certain what’s going on, I will, of course, let you all know.

I am planning on being a lot better with my food too! My skin is quite bad at the moment and I am constantly exhausted and I have just gathered that it must be linked to the foods I’m eating and the fact that I don’t do any exercise because I just sit and mark – not the best! Anyway, I’m rambling now, so I’m going to go. But, I just wanted to say that April is going to be totally awesome!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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