Primark S/S Shopping Haul


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So, as you all know, my trip to Freeport Designer Village was not such a successful. (Oh, before I start typing this, I have been an absolute planning machine today and was working from 1 o’clock – 8 o’clock! Madness!! So, I’m sorry if this blog doesn’t make total sense or has some spelling mistakes. I’m quite sleepy.) Aaaanyway, I went to Westfields on Friday and bought a few things and I also went out on Saturday! It makes me so, so excited that there are summer clothes in the shops now and I literally cannot wait to not have to wear a coat out in the morning or scrap the ice off of my car! It’s the little things as 1D would say! So, let’s get started!!


I thought I would start with the bits and pieces that I got, rather than the clothes, so here you are! I was after a bright purple/raspberry lipstick for ages, but I don’t feel like I have the confidence to pull it off. I am now going for the ‘sod it’ approach and bought one. This one was an absolute steal at £3 and it’s by MUA, which is a Superdrug own brand. I have bought a lot of their products and they are always good, and super reasonable for quick fixes. I also got a concealer to hide my dark circles around my eyes (a totally new thing to me, since about Christmas time – Curse you late night marking!), a new eyeliner and a new mascara. The mascara is by Revolution and it’s called ‘ Awesome Lash: Power and Definition’. Only used it this morning, but it seems pretty good! Finally are the green and white tubes! These are in a new skincare range that Primark are doing. I am a bit of an admirer of anything that involves Tea tree or Witch Hazel. I have only used the face mask once, but I have used the face scrub loads and it is excellent. As I wrote the other day, my skin had a massive breakout so this was initially a bit of a panic buy that completely paid off! It’s really, really good and not scratchy or too much, you know? Just good!


Up next; I just needed some everyday t-shirts as a lot of mine had got a bit dated, or look a bit too worn to get away with anymore… So, here they are! I just really liked the designs, especially the ‘Just a plain white tee’ one. I thought they would look nice with jeans and a leather jacket, or some little shorts in the summer. The Eiffel Tower one was £3 and the Plain White Tee one was £4, both from Primark! (You’ve gotta love a bit of Primark!)


The first couple of pairs of shoes – how cute are the tan ones? I just thought they would make a change and look a little bit more ‘Spring/Summer’ than always wearing black all of the time, on the other hand, I also bought some plain black ones for work. They’re just easy to throw one with dresses and trousers and quick to run out of the door. They just go, so it’s allowed haha! The tan ones were £6 (I think?!) and the black basic ones were just part of their £4 range. Both, again, were from Primark.


Primark have also got some lovely little strappy tops (Are you sensing a theme here?). I got these two, but they had so many to chose from, including a really nice aztec one! I love love LOVE the pink one because it’s just so girly and I think it’s really nice to dress up or down. The black and white one is a little bit more casual, but I just loved the opposites effect. They’re pretty aren’t they? So, both from Primark and these are £4!!!!! I am literally baffled on how they are making a profit. Lol!

nyc dress and trousers

Now, obviously, anything with a New York City reference totally sells it to me! I just liked how comfy this looked – is that bad? Haha! I thought it would look nice with leggings and trainers or just with a pair of nice sandals in the summer. It’s going to be one of those just throw it on things. It’s not really something that I would normally pick up because it’s quite straight up and down and this doesn’t really help me, but I am just going to have to watch what I wear it with :) It was £6 and something that I think I’m going to end up living in!

The black trousers are something that I was meant to have! Haha! I had put a pair of exactly the same ones on hold at New Look for the reasonable price of £19.99, however, I found these by complete fluke and they were in their clearance bit for £5! They fit me like a glove and the flap/cross over detail and buckle at the top means that I can either tuck blouses/shirts in or wear them out to dress them down. Perfect! I love saving myself money and getting something for less money than I would have no doubt spent elsewhere! I also bought a really nice pair of what I call, ‘Marilyn’ trousers. They are a really nice pale grey with a little side zip and little splits at the ankles. Unfortunately, I have lost the photo of them, but they were £15 and pretty easy to find – They were just in their basic trousers range.

challotes and shoes

So, last, but not least, I got these maroon chalottes (is that even how you spell it?). I have always loved challotes, but because of my height, I am always put off of them, however, I am planning to wear them with heels or wedges when the weather brightens up a little bit. You can’t really see the colour of them and they look more brown than maroon, but they are quite nice. I am just a bit stuck on what to wear them with and where to wear them to… Are they too dressy for everyday or should I just embrace the dressiness? Haha! Anyway, they were £3 – yes, you read that write – so I couldn’t really help myself, it’s just how to style them up that I’m a bit stuck on.

I also got these little brogues. I have always had a bit of a ‘thing’ with brogues and they’re loveliness. When I was in Year 8, I had a pair of black crocodile print ones with a fringe and a tassel! This was when they were definitely not in fashion, but I loved them so much that I didn’t actually care! I think they had a little bit of a heel on them too! Anyway, these are gold and tasseled and fringed and metallic and amazing, so I got them! Haha! They were £14, which isn’t actually that much money when you think how much the Kurt Geiger ones are, or the Russell & Bromley (Man, I wish I had a pair of the silver R&B ones!), so I thought I would get them! They’re cute aren’t they? I just thought that they would dress up my work outfits.

It definitely seems like this has turned into a Primark Haul without me realising, so I’m going to rename it before I publish it! Haha! I hope that I have inspired you to go and get some Spring / Summer clothes and that you enjoyed having a bit of a nose at what I have bought recently. I really like blogging things like this because I kind of feel like I am having a chat with you all! Let me know if you’ve got any ideas of styles that will go with anything that I’ve got here – I’m still a little bit stuck on the challotes/cullotes/challotes – who knows how to spell it? Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


4 thoughts on “Primark S/S Shopping Haul

  1. I love the brogue-style shoes! I was going to get a pair, and then everyone at work looked at me like I was crazy. They’ve decided I am an Ugly Shoe Magpie. x

    1. Awww, you should have just got them! I have no idea what I’m going to wear them with, I just thought they were really cute :) (and minus the hideous pink things you bought last weekend, you’re not) xx

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