Eat Pray Love: Review.


So, I am a newbie to Netflix and I’ve got to say it’s totally ruined my ability to go to bed at a normal time! Haha! Anyway, this isn’t sponsored by Netflix or anything, but it is pretty awesome and even though I am a little bit behind with it, you should totally sign up if you haven’t yet too!

Anyway, ‘Eat Pray Love’ is definitely a film/book that pretty much everyone I know goes on about and how amazing it is and that the story line is amazing and that it is a ‘must-see’ film. I haven’t read the book, but my mum has and she said that the story line was really different in the film. We sat up and watched it the other night, and it just wasn’t what I thought. I got a little bit confused with going backwards and forwards and the plot wasn’t what I expected. I thought it was all about a office woman who just decided enough was enough and packed her bags and off she set on an adventure. Ermmmmm, no.

Liz (Julia Roberts) is the main character and it just comes across that she is a little bit lost. She is a middle aged woman who leaves her husband in order to go to Italy, India and Bali. This didn’t happen. She met someone else and stayed with him for a while. She then went back to wanting to travel, so she then put all of her things into storage and off she went. I did really enjoy the Italy part of the film – the idea of living in a rustic apartment that is falling apart at the seams, making new friends, learning new languages and making memories – that’s my idea of travelling. However, she then went to India to pray and met someone else who was trying to ‘find himself’. He was a really good character in the film and I enjoyed the way he told her how it was, but I didn’t really see what she learnt or why she had to visit India because she didn’t really see a lot of the country. She then returns back to Bali to visit a guru that she met previously on her travels. He said that if she returned that he would tell her everything that he knew – he didn’t. Or, if he did, i missed this bit of the film. This is also the part of the story where she meets Felipe (Javier Bardem) and she stays with him. I think I kind of missed the point. I just didn’t like it.

Is there more to the story? Have I just totally missed the point? Is the book any better? I do feel like I need to give it more of a chance because travelling movies are usually fun and get you excited to go and see the world – I just didn’t get that with this film, plus she didn’t really find anything out or change anything about herself. Hmmmm… I must be missing something! Haha!

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