Weekly give up: Bread and processed foods

weekly give up

This week has gone really well, but obviously it has still been the holidays so I have been eating and drinking pretty much whatever I want… but it is definitely this week that I am excited about! Haha, sad I know but hey ho, I’ve gone out and bought all these little containers and my plan is to make myself salads each day for work. I have bought fruit to take and I am going to try and have really healthy dinners… Last night, I had a chicken salad with a sweet potato jacket! It was super tasty! I’m just excited about getting it all ready and I am so excited to get healthy for the summer!

If you’ve got any yummy recipes for me to try out, feel free to love me a comment as I am looking for trying some different things for dinners – in bored of always having the same

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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