Climbing over the O2 Dome!

  So, a couple of weeks ago, I was asked out for a friends 30th birthday (she’s a grown up). She wanted to do something completely different but she also wanted to make sure that everyone was happy to do ‘whatever’. So, she decided that we were going to meet up and climb over the O2 building in Greenwich, London. It was so, so good that I can’t recommend it enough.

On Saturday (18th), I met up with Emma and her friends (who are all lovely btw!) and we travelled to North Greenwich together. We were there with perfect timing, so we signed our lives away (quite literally), and we were given the safety chat. The funniest bit of this was that we got to opt. For either a thin blue, almost see-through, vest or a full padded boiler suit thing – obviously I went for a boiler suit.  We followed the instructions, put some stunning brown hiking boots on and attempted to harness ourselves in. It was definitely not the most flattering, nor comfortable of outfits as you have straps around both arms and around the tops of your legs and bottom. The harness then had to be tightened and a latch thing – that you later attach to the dome – had to be put on. Anyway, after the man re-tightened my leg straps (I definitely waddled after that), we were off!! 

After pictures, we set off with me opting to go near the front. It was pretty easy with the latch thing, but I didn’t like the floor surface to begin with. It was bouncy mesh with shallow grooves across it. I skipped in the first couple of steps, but after that, I was fine. The incline became less and less, although, don’t be fooled! Lol! To begin with, I was leaning into it!! I should have stretched! Lol! But I was loving the views and looking at the tiny cars and how open it was. There was no silly safety things in the way, you could just walk along, move your latch with you, and look at my beautiful city.    It only took about 15 minutes to reach the top where we reached a viewing platform thing. It was so beautiful and the sky (you know what I’m like with skies) was stunning! We took many photos, talked about our journey up and got blown to smitherings by the wind, and then it was time to decend. Lol!

This was the part that I was not so looking forward to. It was absolutely fine and because my frienD, Emma, had a bit of a wobble, I found myself pretty much going down backwards! Haha! It was honestly fine, we reached the bottom of the dome and went and got changed. There was a little gift shop, so we all got a photograph printed and I got a little jetting (obviously). It was so, so good and I really do recommend it! It’s so much fun and there were a few people scared of heights up there, but they were fine. I think you’re just too busy looking at the amazing city!

Anyway, I really do recommend it! It was so much fun and I even loved wearing my very unattractive boiler suit haha! So, go, go, GO! :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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