Hello May / Summer is on its way.


So, it’s the third of May and I am another year older. It was my birthday yesterday, but I’ll be doing another blog post on my birthday-ness. This post is about how awesome April has been. i set myself the challenge of blogging three times a week and I done it! It wasn’t always easy, but I loved finding time to sit and just blog about whatever was going on.

It all started off with the Easter holidays and seeing April in with lots of plans and things. I went to Freeport Designer Village, and I returned back to my weekly ‘give up’. I gave up chocolate, rubbish, crisps, bread and I started to eat better – taking salads to work and drink plenty of water. I was really, really awful at keeping myself hydrated, so the water thing was a pretty big deal to me. I then wrote an absolutely ENORMOUS Primark s/s haul of all things Primark! It took a while and they are definitely something that you need to plan and set time away for, but I loved it and I loved taking all of the photographs and everything! Oh, I signed up to Netflix and watched Eat, Pray, Love and loads of other films that I have been putting off for no reason at all. I went to the seaside and took you along too! It was full of sunshine and fish & chips and walking along the beach huts. I went to see the new Cinderella film with Emma and I thought it was pretty amazing! I reached 48,000 views,which is totally baffling to me. My sister, Terri, came home for good from Edinburgh. I climbed over the O2 dome in London for my friend’s 30th birthday and I dyed my hair blue! So, it’s all been pretty amazing!

As I already said, May has already been the month of my 25th birthday (25?!?!?!), but I am sure that it will see even more epicness than April! Stay in touch for my birthday posts and to find out how I celebrated :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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