Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner…!

So, after a very short notice and a quick decision, me and my friend, Briony, decided to go to London in the sunshine. It was so, so sunny and London is probably the most beautiful city in the whole entire world. As you’ve probably guessed from the title, we went to the Museum of London! It was really, really interesting and I thought I would share some pictures with you all :)

St. Paul’s Cathedral is probably one of my favourite views in London. It is so historic, and although this isn’t the original design (as it was destroyed in the Great Fire of London), it is still one of my favourites… Oh, and just in case you were wondering, this isn’t in the Museum of London (ha!), we went for a wonder around London too and I just caught it right, before we went along the river. It’s pretty gorgeous really, isn’t it?

So, the Museum of London is hidden away. We went to St. Paul’s underground station, but you can also get to it via Moorgate tube station. We arrived and it was such a lovely day that we decided to get some late breakfast and sit in the sunshine for a little while. The greenery that you can see at the bottom on the picture is like a spiral garden and I said to Briony that it looked like a pixie garden from a film – it was so pretty, but unfortunately, it wasn’t open to the public :(

After looking around the Stone age and the Roman and Stuart era of London, the black death and the plague, we reached the ‘modern history’ area. This picture (above) was of a 1920s cinema entrance and when you looked, you could actually sit in the cinema seat and they folded down (like cinema seats should!) and they were gorgeous. The screen showed some of the fashion of the era and a couple doing the Charleston on the top of a 1920s London bus! It was so amazing and I could really imagine people going to the cinema and it being a ‘thing’. I think we have kind of lost that now.

This photograph was down in the Suffragettes / World War II section of the museum. I’m not going to write loads and loads about it because I just think it is so lovely that I don’t need to. It really shows how something can be so simple, but so incredibly beautiful.

This, if you can actually believe it, is a PAINTING! I was absolutely amazed at it and could have stared at it for hours and hours. I didn’t manage to grab the artists’ name, so if anyone knows anything about it, I would really appreciate it. When I was doing my art diploma, I attempted to draw/paint something very similar and I honestly can’t explain to you how difficult it was. It just looked like a bunch of lines. I think it was the shading and getting the light to look ‘different’ over the different levels of the building. Anyway, I realise that I talking quite a lot about it, I just really loved it! It’s awesome!

This song reminds me of the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ documentary by The Rolling Stones, but I’m not sure why, but it also reminds me of my Mum and my Auntie Jean – they must of sang it at me at some point in my life haha!! I don’t think that there are many people in this country that don’t know this song!

As we were walking around, I was the annoying friend asking Briony if she would be a rich person or a peasant at the old theatres and what sort of cars she would drive and what sort of clothes she would wear etc. I, therefore, decided that this would be my car. It reminds me of John Dillinger (not sure it that’s how you spell his surname) and it’s just stunning. I would have to have a fur draped over one shoulder and be in a peachy silk dress and pearls – obviously.

This carriage was towards the end of the Museum and I think it was to show how the Queen used to (and possibly still does) travel around. It was so grand and so gold that I just had to take a picture, but, if I’m honest, it was quite random. It was like they had forgotten to include it before, and just stuck it at the end. But it was very pretty and the life like horses were amazingly done – they looked so real!

London, basically.

This was the view that I had while eating my lunch – we decided to head out of the Museum and grab some sandwiches and crisps and cookies from M&S as it was just too much of a lovely day to go and sit inside. I feel very, very lucky to be able to go and sit in the sunshine, with my best friend and chat about general chit-chat. It was a pretty amazing day!

I hope this has inspired you to visit a museum soon – it’s important that we learn about what others have done to help us and how we have reached the lives that we are lucky to have today.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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