Another little project; Lotions & Potions.

Some of you might already know that I am really, really insecure about my skin. I don’t really mention it and rarely speak about it publicly to either you, or my friends and family. The truth is, I hate it.

While I was at secondary school, I was prone to really sore, really uncomfortable break outs and I couldn’t work out why. I tried cutting out chocolate, sugar, bread, butter, cheese and drinking more water and nothing seemed to work. I just got more and more self-conscience about it. This continued well into my late teenage years and through college – again, not brilliant.

I have always put it down to a mixture of things: stress, rubbish foods and not having time to look after my skin as best I should and although I don’t have that many nasty breakouts anymore, I do get spots and they are uncomfortable and not nice and genuinely make me feel like not wanting to leave my house. Another thing that adds to it is that children often don’t have a filter and I have been asked about my skin when it had been bad – “Miss, why do you get spots?” type thing. Horrible.  Since seeing through another birthday, I have decided to take better care with this and was recently given a sample of the new Clinique concealer and foundation in one, ‘Beyond Perfecting’. I tried it out and, not only did it cover my small scars on my chin, but it also seemed to clear my skin too! I went into Boots to find out more and the lady was so helpful, she assured me that I had the correct skin colour for the foundation and then asked me what skincare I used, to which I replied “cheap face wipes”. Although this wasn’t the most dynamic of answers, it was true!

She asked me some simple questions such as what skin type I had and what I was most worried about, before introducing me to a month’s trial of Clinique’s oily to combination skincare range. There’s a liquid facial soap (mild), a clarifying lotion and a dramatically different moisturising lotion + that I promised to used every night before I went to bed.

As well as getting this (and 10% off my foundation, as I had spent over £30), I got a free Clinique gift set which had loads in it. I got a rinse-off foaming cleanser, an extended thrist relief gel-creme called ‘moisture surge’, a custom repair serum, an eye lid and lash remover, a bright pink nail varnish and a chubby stick in ’08 roomiest rose’.

So, my challenge to myself is to use the skincare products and make up taking off products every single day for a month – this works out to £20 for the set plus a freebie eye make up remover. I will take a (probably) hideous picture with no make up on – at all – each night and I will document it at the end of June. This is a pretty big deal to me as I will not even open the door to the postman without any make up on. I will often take extra make up to work if I am going straight out, or have a meeting or something because I feel so self-conscience about my skin. I might also do a review on Clinque’s new ‘Beyond Perfecting’ foundation, depending on how well this goes and the response this gets.

I’m not a beauty blogger and I am not trying to be at all. I love my blog, the posts I add and the content that I share with everyone and I get quite excited about new little projects, so that what this is. Another little project. I also realise that some of these products are quite expensive and not everyone’s able to go out and buy them, so I wanted to do it for you and I promise that I will give an honest review for you.

Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for a lovely montage of no make up pictures of me and my review at the end of June! Fingers crossed it’s all worth it :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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