Polargram: Review 

I have a bit of a love for photography and took it for an A level when I was at college. I also did a piece called ‘mimeography’ for my art diploma – I might share these with you one day lol – so, I have always loved photography and everything about it :) I find it really interesting that a photo can capture a moment, sometimes not entirely on purpose, but it amazes me all the same lol!

Anyway, getting back on track… Last Saturday, I ordered 48 Polargram prints of my Instagram photos. They were processed within 2 days and they were dispatched promptly. They arrived within a day of my little ‘your prints have been dispatched’ email and I was so over the moon with them! Not only was I super excited to actually see them, they came in the cutest little Eco-friendly box with a sweet inside. Looking at the prints themselves, they are in really good condition – no dents or folds or ridges or anything like that. The finish on them is really good and I was really happy with the quality. The service and the products themselves are so good! I love the idea of printing off filtered photos that you’ve created and I’m a bit old school and just love actual printed photos :)
As I said before, I ordered 48 individual prints, however there are different amounts that you can get. As well as, different coloured backgrounds, sizes, canvases, prints and ‘squares’. I just liked the idea of the Polaroids… My 48 Polaroids cost £12 with free, first-class P+P!!  The company, Polargram, are a company that I chose come tell randomly, but I have been so impressed that I have decided to blog about it! I just wanted to share the idea with you, in case you were looking for a similar company and wasn’t sure where to start – it’s such a good idea for presents though!

Here’s some of my favourites… I hope that you all have a super, fabulous rest of your day and that you do something you love! I am finding out just how important it is to hold onto things that you love doing :) One very happy customer / photographer.

Peace and love,

Polly May


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