Weekly Give Up: Slim Fast Update.

IMG_2389Slim Fast

This week’s ‘Weekly Give Up’ has gone really well… with the exception of a couple of meals out (which I wasn’t terribly naughty with), I have managed to stick to my 2 shakes and 1 meal per day. I have found that the 1 snack that I was allowing myself (you can actually have 3 a day), made me hungrier than I was in the first place, so I have decided to try and stop that. I haven’t felt hungry in general and I think that I could probably do this for a little bit longer than I originally thought. I have such a hectic day that I don’t really have time to stop and think about food and I actually like that I have more time to do things at lunch – my shake only takes up about 5 minutes of my 1 hour and 10 minutes! After weighing myself a little bit earlier than I should have, I have lost 2lbs this week – not an amazing amount, but I am going to try and keep this going until I break up for the school holidays, so I have another 5 weeks left. I have an amount in my head and I really, really want to get there! I will need to be extra good during the week, next week, as I have a lot of ‘going out’ and will be drinking etc. and that’s basically just eating a load of calories in liquid form! Lol…. Wish me luck!

I hope you have a fantastic week this week and that it is the best yet (it’s supposed to get really nice and sunny as the week goes on, so fingers crossed ay?

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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