My list of ‘Happy’.

happiest pig in all of the land

How happy and adorable is that little piglet? I want one!

So, a few years ago (in 2011 to be precise), I did a list of random things that make me happy – click here to read it – and I definitely think that it is time for an update! I need to think about this and do more of it as it is easy to have work and other commitments get in the way of things that make you happy. Not that work isn’t a complete blast! (Oh, while searching for a picture of a ‘happy piglet’, I saw some piglets that were definitely not happy and this got me thinking – possibly another blog for that though). Here are my random list of things….

  1. Going to the V&A all day with my iPod and my sketchbook (something that I haven’t done for a while),
  2. The first cup of tea in the morning,
  3. Buying myself a treat – materialistic, I know,
  4. Meeting new people,
  5. Going travelling,
  6. Days out in London when it’s nice and sunny,
  7. Ticking these off of ‘the list (we’ve all got one),
  8. Sitting in beer gardens all day with friends,
  9. Drawing, sketching, painting… whatever!
  10. The Rolling Stones – still give me goosebumps,
  11. Musical theatres up the West End,
  12. Anything to do with piglets – they are adorable,
  13. Petticoat Lane for shopping bargains,
  14. Clinique skincare that leaves your skin totally awesome and spot-free,
  15. Netflix and its ability to steal entire days from you,
  16. Anything Michael Kors, it’s all beautiful,
  17. Buying people presents – Dad’s fathers day present is shaping up nicely,
  18. New York City – I will get to go back, one day,
  19. All things rose gold,
  20. Sweet potatoes in all their beautiful forms,
  21. Baking cupcakes and cookies and brownies and things,
  22. Half termly meet up with my Uni girlies and knowing that there going to be a little one there soon,
  23. All the norms (La familia),
  24. Walking down Southend pier,
  25. Doing things for charity – although, I don’t feel that I’ve done enough this year,
  26. Driving along singing to Jay Z in the car and getting all the words right,
  27. Reading a good Nicholas Sparks slushy book,
  28. Going out for dinners and eating an insane amount of Italian food,
  29. Getting unexpected texts from friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while,
  30. Blogging – of course! Lol!

I feel like 30 is a good amount to stop at. I have actually surprised myself when I looked at my old list – it’s kind of sad, which wasn’t the point of this activity. Haha! That’s truly backfired. No, I suppose it just shows how I have changed and I’ve grown up an awful lot. Some people have gone out of my life and some I really do miss, but I suppose it’s to make room for new ones. I just didn’t realise how different things were from then. Never mind… I hope that you enjoyed reading and I hope you enjoy making your own little list of happy things!

Peace and love,

Polly May xx

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