Jurassic World: Review.


I am definitely not one for dinosaurs or action or even violent films, however, I do really enjoy the special effects and the story lines of the more ‘unrealistic’ type films. So, on Thursday night, I headed out to see Jurassic Park with Terri and Matt – please note that I skipped dinner as I was trying to be extra good and not have Italian food – snaps for me!). It had had mixed reviews, but after finding out that it took £103 million dollars, I thought it was worth a watch. I can’t say that I remember seeing the other three films, but surely I must of?! The reason I wanted to see this one was mostly because of the trailer – it looked fricking awesome!

To be fair, if you took away the possible threat of escape and people losing their lives, Jurassic World looks pretty amazing! It is basically a huge complex that has different centers, land and buildings for the different dinosaurs. There’s also the lab and control panel, which is where the hybrid dinosaur was built. The setting was probably one of my favourite parts of the film, just because of how good it looked! It had these globe things that you could sit in a drive around the land – they were made of glass and were basically a giant hamster ball – a pretty cool idea. There was also waterfalls, forests and mountains. It would amazing if it was a real place – I wonder if there’s a zoo styled on it? That would be so good!


So, the story line is basically that two brothers go to visit their Aunt, who works at Jurassic World, for a ‘family weekend’, however the hybrid sink-monster that the theme park have constructed breaks free and kills an awful lot of people and animals. They’re job was to stay together, stay alive and kill the hybrid. I realise how far fetched it all sounds, but I think that it was done really well and it didn’t feel like it was dragging at all. Some of the action scenes were so realistic and I loved the relationship between the brothers and how, eventually, they showed how much they cared for each other.



Another reason that the film was its’ awesome cast, especially a rather handsome man named Chris Platt – he was your typical rough, not-really-phased-by-anything, ex-army man, who helped to fight the hybrid. He was pretty amazing, minus the cheese at the end. As well as others, there was also Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire / Aunt), Nick Robinson (Zach), Ty Simpkins (Gray), Jake Johnson (Lowery) and Judy Greer (Karen / Mum).

The special effects were so, so good! They were so realistic, I didn’t find myself wondering how the actors had done it all so well when they had actually pretended the entire time. I really enjoyed that they showed dinosaurs as animals with emotions and not just flesh-eating machines. (My favourite is still thetriceratops – of course!) Obviously there were some parts that were quite gruesome and there was an awful lot of gobbling people up, but it wasn’t silly – it was just really well done :)


I would recommend Jarassic World to people that want a film to follow and watch – without seeing the others, Matt said that it was quite similar to the second film, but I really enjoyed the story line, special effects and the acting was really good. Go and see it and see what you think! Here’s the trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it :)

Peace and love,

Polly May xx

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