The Clinique Skincare Challenge


The ‘before’ picture was taken a few days into my challenge and the ‘after’ one was taken this morning, after using Clinique skincare products for a month (I have no make up on in either of them!).

So, as some of you might know, I wrote a very honest blog post about my skin and the horrible state of it. I had had enough, so I went to my local Boots store and bought some Clinique skincare products – I got a liquid facial soap (mild), a clarifying lotion and a dramatically different moisturising lotion + and I promised myself that I would use it everyday for a month. And, that is exactly what I have done!

IMG_2845It was so good because rather than waiting until I was too tired to care, I came in from work, or wherever I had been, and when I knew that I wasn’t going anywhere else, I would take my face off – literally. I just felt this was better because my skin had time to breath and I knew that I would actually use the products. I love love LOVE  the liquid facial soap and the clarifying lotion as I felt that my skin felt incredible after I had used this! However, the moisturising lotion + was really, really thick and I often woke up and could still feel like it hadn’t ‘sunk into’ my skin. It was quite oily and at around day 20, I had all these tiny, painful spots over my chin. Because of this, I decided to stop using the moisturiser and use the extended thirst relief gel-creme called ‘moisture surge’, which was so much better for me. I am not saying that this product isn’t any good – I just think that it is better suited to people with drier skin.

I have also seen a massive improvement in the small scars that I had on my chin area from previous breakouts. They were not majorly noticeable, but I felt uncomfortable and they seemed to show more with the more make up that I tried to apply. This is no longer noticeable, and I feel more comfortable when people see me without make up – it’s quite nice to feel alright about your skin.

Okay, so here it is…. The big finale! I have taken a selfie every single night for the past month. These are all make-up free and just before I go to bed, so please don’t judge me. I just thought it would be fun to document the change in my skin and how my scarring changed. What do you think? (and please, be nice).

30daysFinally, I just wanted to mention the foundation that I bought. It was the Clinique ‘Beyond Perfecting’ Foundation + Concealer 2 in 1 for dry to combination skin.This foundation is so, so good! I can’t actually recommend it highly enough. It is so easy to apply and, once worked into the skin, looks incredibly natural and light on the skin. It can sometimes need setting with a little bit of transparent powder (I use a cheap one by Miss Sporty called ‘So Matte Perfect Stay’), but once this has all been done, it stays on all day! It also comes off really easily and doesn’t feel ‘sticky’ after wearing it all day in my boiling hot classroom.

I plan on continuing to use Clinique products and I really, really hope that my skin gets even better! It has made such a difference and actually made me feel better. I used to wake up for work and literally think ‘how can I cover all of this up?’ and now I just put on a little bit of foundation and powder, a bit of mascara and that’s it! It’s made such a difference and, even though, they products are not the cheapest, I think that they are worth every penny. My skin is so much brighter and I can feel that it is much healthier. Yes, I had a break out around Day 20, but this was because of the thickness of the moisturiser – I think this is more of a ‘every now and again’ as apposed to a ‘every day’ cream. Anyway, apologies for my sleepy state in some of these pictures above (I am just looking at them properly), one of the joys of teaching haha! I have really enjoyed this little project. Please give it a little like or a comment and if you need any advice or questions, I will try my best to help you and answer them. I want to finish by saying, feeling better within your own skin and not trying to hide away is much better than avoiding spending that little bit more on yourself, whether you think you need to, or not.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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