Hello Six Week holidays :) 

So, I have officially left my school and I am so excited!!! The kids got me so many amazing presents and I got to go out on heaps of nights out with my lovely work friends! I am not sad that I’ve left, and I was kind of waiting to get upset on Friday when I said “goodbye” to the children, but I didn’t! Towards the end of the week, there was quite a horrible atmosphere at work and, after not having a ‘goodbye’ from any of the management team, I feel even happier that I have made the best decision for me!

On Wednesday night, I went to my last school disco and the children got me to stand in the middle of a circle and they all sang to me – it was very awkward and I hate being the centre of attention, but I suppose it was kind of sweet of them! Ha!

My new school was absolutely amazing! I went into my class on Wednesday morning and met all of my children, and, although, there are some characters in my class, they all seem lovely (I already have an idea of who is going to be my ‘favourite’ – every teacher has one)! I just think that it is going to be a completely different experience for me because they have such a different way of doing things – it just seems like a totally different job!

Here are some photos that I’m going to share with you from my last week! I’m so excited to get going with something new – onto new things! :)

Peace and love,

Polly May xx 

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