Ella Eyre Tickets!!!!!

ella eyre

So, a little while ago I became a little bit obsessed with Ella Eyre and her hair and her incredible voice! I was also quite jealous of her for her friendship with the Rizzle Kicks dudes, but I won’t hold that against her haha! Most of all, her voice i just incredible – Here’s my little blog that I did, oh, and this one!

Yesterday, I had an amazing day out with my friend for her 25th birthday (I have to try and get as many 25’s into anything related to her – ha!) and then when I got home, I just felt a little bit down. I don’t know if I just had a bit of a fed up moment or what, however, to cheer myself up I BOUGHT MYSELF ELLA EYRE TICKETS!!!!!! I’m so excited to actually see her in the flesh and we got standing seats, which I prefer. I’m so fricking excited!!!!! The last ‘gig’ that I went to was Bastille in Edinburgh when I went to visit my sister for the first time! Shocking! I didn’t really like V Festival and I would normally have gone to Wireless, but, again, the line up hasn’t been amazing, so, yeah, this will be my first gig in FOREVER!!!! How exciting!!!

To get you even more excited and to understand how incredible she is, I will add copious (I really like that word at the moment) amounts of her videos… ENJOY!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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