‘Love, Tanya’ Book Review

So, as promised, I have finished my first reading book challenge to myself book – Tanya Burr’s ‘Love, Tanya’. Having become quite interested in the lives of many different youtubers including Fun for Louis, Thatcher Joe, Zoella and Pointless Blog, I came across this book by complete accident while wondering around a Sainsburys store. I just thought it looked really interesting and it seemed like a ‘bit of everything’ type book, which is something that I like!

After finishing the book, I thought that it was really good! It had just enough information and advice in it about each different element of her life that you wanted to read on. It includes a little bit about her life with Jim, how she become a youtuber, some baking recipes, fashion, skincare and the future. It was great because each chapter had just the right amount of information in it. I did really enjoy the skincare chapter and this played a massive role in me (finally!) buying some decent skincare products and not just attempting to use a face wipe all of the time.Β Β Β I also really enjoyed learning about her background story. Sometimes you watch these sorts of videos or clogs and you forget that these are just day-to-day people. You also tend to assume that its ‘just making videos and uploading them’, but after reading all about how she became a professional youtuber, it’s proved that there is a lot more work to it. It’s so much more creative and opens so many more doors than I ever could have imagined. It looks like such a fun type of life, but obviously there is a lot of hard work involved too!

Having made some of her chocolate chunk cookies (which were amazing by the way – I must make some more), I also enjoyed reading the other recipes that she had to offer! I really, really want to try the warm winter soup later in the year as soup is something that is so easy to make from scratch, but I’ve never attempted it. Obviously the other cookies and cupcakes also look amazing, so I’ll be making those at some point too! :)
I’ve really enjoyed this read and I can see how easy it would be to want to buy another similar type book. Marcus Butler, who is also a youtuber, has just released his book, ‘Hello Life’, which also looks really good. I, however, am on a strict ‘must read all of these books before I can buy any more!’ Lol!

If you know someone who is a little bit creative or likes the youtubers or just likes to read up on new products and items that are well recommended, I would definitely recommend this book – it has a little bit of everything in it and, although I have read it cover to cover, it’s a nice book to just sit and flick through :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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