Afternoon Tea down the Thames.

So, yesterday I went with my friend Craney off to London! Now, obviously you’ll all know by now that I have left one school to begin at another and so I am leaving her behind. I have loved working with her (she’s in the other year 4 class) and, although it sounds cheesy, I know that I will stillΒ see her and meet up for catch ups over a hot chocolate. She is so kind and she really thinks about everyone else, before herself. This is lovely, but I would love her to do things for herself every once in a while because she deserves to.

She very kindly bought us an afternoon tea along the River Thames. We arrived and boarded our boat at 3:15 before sailing along from Embankment (near the Big Ben and the London Eye) all the way down past Canary Wharf. It was so relaxing, with a pianist playing in the corner and the quiet chatter-chatter of the other tables. We had ham, cheese and cucumber sandwiches, before our scones with cream and jam and all of the yummy little cakes. This was, of course, accompanied by copious amount of tea and coffee :)

It was a lovely afternoon, which is why I thought I would blog about it and share it with you. I really do love London and I think that I am going to go a little bit more this holiday :)

Peace and love, Polly May xxΒ 

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