Home From Holiday

P1010894I’m back from my holidays! I had an absolutely brilliant time with my friend Emma. We sat around the pool drinking blue lagoons and random orange drinks, walked for miles, read our books, laughed so much our stomachs hurt, went shopping at the Biosfera Shopping Center and booked a trip to visit a real, hidden pirate cave! It was exactly what I needed and everything was just lovely! Our hotel was really, really nice and had a solarium, as well as a pool, where you could just melt for the day. We also went all inclusive, so we were able to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks without worrying about taking money out with you or having to cook etc. It was all just so relaxed. I had been to where we went quite a lot as a child, so I felt very nostalgic while I walked along the front and recognized so many of the bars and shops – I felt like a little tour guide (where’s my brolly?) lol! I also bought myself a ridiculous amount of things, so I am thinking of doing a little holiday haul… I was definitely in the ‘if I want it, I’m going to buy it’ mood.

I am now home (Day 1 – urgh!) and only have a few weeks left of the summer holidays. Granted, I am extremely lucky to have them, but I am very aware that it is more towards the end of the holidays, rather than the beginning. I have a few things planned, and I will, of course, take you all with me! :) But for the mean time, here are a few snaps from my holiday… Enjoy!

Peace and love, Polly May xx











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