‘A Bend in the Road’ Book Review.

P1010804So, while I was away, it was the perfect time to get going on my little reading challenge that I sent myself! I chose to take ‘A Bend in the Road’ by Nicholas Sparks. I knew I was going to like it because I have read so many of his books before (The Notebook, The Lucky One, Safe Haven, Dear John, The Best of Me). They are your typical love story books and they actually really make real life situations a little bit rubbish haha! However, it was quite nice to switch off for a little while.

It is about a twenty-something teacher called Sarah, who has moved to a new town after divorcing her successful husband. She offers to help Jonah, who is a young boy whose Mum died when he was little and because of this, he had fallen behind at school. She meets up with his Dad to discuss some extra tutoring. As time goes on, she begins dating Jonah’s Dad, Miles, and they fall in love (awww!). However, Miles is still on a mission to find out who killed his wife in a hit and run, and the ending has a bit of a twist – Don’t worry, I won’t worry it for you.

It was a good read and I literally couldn’t put it down. I am a bit of a romantic and I loved the sloshiness (judge me all you like lol), but I also like that it made you want to find out who the killer was and how everyone was linked. It had so many suspects for the hit and run part of the story and I like that I was completely wrong at the end of the story. It was surprising who he chose to be the killer, but I suppose that’s what makes a good book.

So, there you have it, two down, seven to go! I am loving this little challenge and it has kind of got me thinking. If you set yourself a little challenge, not for like a public thing, just for you, it works. So, I would love it if you set yourself a challenge and kept me posted. Whether you are going to try and eat 5 pieces of fruit a day or drink more water or read more or jog more or cut down on something – drink, smoking, whatever. It really does work if it’s something that you want to do. Think about it and set yourself a little challenge :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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