Holiday Haul 2015

So, as promised, the other day I said that I would do a Holiday Haul of all the things that I bought while I was away. Obviously, I haven’t put any of the pictures up of people’s little presents because they will know what they have got, but I really wanted to share what I bought for myself. I’m not sure how interesting this will be, but there’s quite a few hauls videos on youtube and a lot of fashion bloggers do this sort of thing. I have done some in the past (here, here and here) but this is my own little spin of a Holiday Haul :)

First things first… I got some new Beads headphones. My Mum bought me some of these from her holiday in Egypt a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved them! The sound quality is so good and I just can’t believe the difference between these and the little in-ear ones that I had used up to then. I took them out to take on holiday and they had broken :( So, I was determined to find some new ones. They were absolutely everywhere, but some of the shops wanted way over the odds, so I bought these in a little shop near my hotel for a really reasonable price! :)

This embroidered bag is so pretty and I love the colours and the patterns on it. It has a little strap so you can put it across you and I just thought it would be perfect to go with a plain outfit or jazz up a work outfit. I am desperately trying to add some colour to my wardrobe at the moment and not wear as much black, so this was perfect. It was maybe a little bit more than I wanted to spend, but it was just too pretty to leave it there.


As you probably know, I love bracelets and there were some lovely ones while I was out there. These are some of the ones that I bought for myself (I could have bought a lot more).  I love the lime green one with the little rainbow gems, but I do just love all of them haha! So…. that’s those.P1010923

This black and white checked top is from Pimkie. It was the cutest shop with all quirky bits and bobs in it. It was a little bit similar to H&M or New Look because it had a really good mixture of styles in there. I spotted this on a rail and it was super cheap, so I tried it on. I thought it would be perfect to put away for my new job in September and when I tried it on, it went up and the sides. It reminds me a bit of Marilyn haha!P1010924

This button-up shirt was at a little cheap shop that reminded me a little bit of Aladdin’s cave. I found this right at the back and, once again, I thought it was so, so pretty and would look nice with work trousers. Because of the lovely embroidery on the collar, I thought it would jazz up an outfit when I have to wear jumpers in the winter. I really like the little pearl button that they have put at the very top. It’s just so damn cute! :)P1010925

These Aztec trousers are from a shop called Oysho. I went to this shop years and years ago and bought myself a mickey mouse lounge wear suit (back in the day!) – I still have the hoody to this day, but I doubt it still fits. I think I was 15 when I bought it. Anyway….. (lol), I bought these and a little grey with pink embroidery PJ top. These trousers have the most amazing pockets and, god knows, I love pockets in things. There are these little triangle things and you have to lift them to get into the pockets underneath. They are just too cool. I am kind of tempted to wear them as actually trousers, instead of PJ bottoms, but I don’t know if people would cotton on haha!

As you know, I recently became completely obsessed with Clinique products, and I have nearly run out of my skincare things, so I bought the green face wash at the airport… I bought the 200ml bottle, so that I have just got it now :) I then saw that there was a small cosmetics shop that had the clarifying lotion 2 on offer, so got one of those and I also bought a new beyond perfecting foundation in a shade darker than I had bought (I was shade 6, and this one is shade 7). So, yeah, I stocked up on all this Clinique! :)

This incredibly gorgeous scarf is from Zara and I just absolutely love it! I wouldn’t normally buy such a busy print, but it was just too pretty for me to not buy! IT’S JUST SO PRETTY! :) I really do love Zara things and I think it’s amazing how cheap it is when you away and you don’t have to pay for the shipping etc. – This scarf worked out to something like £4! That’s just ridiculous!

zara jacketThe last thing I bought is probably my favourite thing! I absolutely love this jacket from Zara. It’s part of their new Premium Denim Collection and it is a plain khaki jacket on the front and then the back is all embroidery! I just think it is so, so pretty and I have never bought anything like this! It’s so not me, but I honestly think that it’s lovely and I have got a feeling that I am going to wear it for the entire of Autumn! YAY FOR ZARA!

So that’s it! I love everything that I got and I think that it’s always nice to treat yourself on holiday so that you can come home and wear something a little bit different. I hope you liked some what I got and enjoying seeing all of my things!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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