WDC Adoption Pack: Adopting Fife.


As you might know if you read my blog regularly, I recently adopted an orca whale (Read the full blog here). It was for a mixture of reasons – I watched Blackfish and got ridiculously annoyed about the conditions that the orca whales have at establishments such as SeaWorld. I also went onto read further information about how the orcas were captured: the babies were stolen away from their parents using nets after cornering them. They also caught more baby orcas than they needed, so they killed the ones that ‘weren’t pretty enough’. Lastly, I decided to adopt an orca because I wanted to help them. I want them to live happy and fulfilling lives and I want them to be treated fairly, not form our ‘benefit’.

So, because I adopted Fife from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, they sent me some information in a little pack that I thought I would share with you. Obviously, I haven’t done this for all the ‘stuff’ but I thought I would show you so that you can see what you get when you donate / adopt at WDC too!


This is the information pack that you receive. Inside there is general information about WDC and the work that they do! It is also like a little pocket that holds all of the other bits and pieces.


You will also recieve a letter that explains exactly where your money will be going and how helpful it will be. I really think that it gives it a personal touch so that you know what your money is being used for. And then, there is a little passage of information that is given to you about the orca that you adopt. It’s at the bottom of your certificate, which I am not going to show you in full as it has my full name on it, but, yeah, you get a certificate! Yay!


You will also get a bumper sticker – which will be going on my car ASAP – (I am very conscience that I am becoming a hippie woman who WILL have dreadlocks and low energy bulbs in no time) and a collection box to use during fundraisers with an address and details of where to send any money raised.


This little recycle bag for your ink cartridges is a great idea! People are always throwing these away and if there is a way that charity and foundations can make money from it, we should totally do it. Especially if we work in offices etc. that use a lot of cartridges. And then, you get a little canvas bag is perfect for using for school/work and will be coming with me when I start my new job in September. It reads ‘A world where every Whale and Dolphin is safe and free’ and I just think that it pretty much sums up the entire reason for being so passionate about this. It is just perfect and will hopefully encourage people to do the same.


Finally, you will get a Whale and Dolphin magazine, which I think you get every month?! It has all of the most recent information and news in it, as well as areas that are being worked on at the moment and how it’s going.


So there you have it. I didn’t want you to think that you should donate / adopt so that you get all this stuff, but I do think that it is important to acknowledge the things that you get and if that encourages just one of you to help the orcas than this blog post has been completely and utterly worth it! I really hope that that has happened and that you go to the WDC website. You can either sign up and give a monthly payment or you can just give a one-time payment, either way, it can be your good deed today, so spread the word and help the orcas!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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