Come with me to LONDON!


So, on Monday (last week), I finally got to head up to London for the day. It was a truly horrible day – so much so that I had to drive around for an hour to park and then walk to the station! But I figured that it was better than sitting indoors not doing an awful lot. I love going up there with a book and my headphones and forgetting about the world.

I decided to start at the National Portrait Gallery as I hadn’t been there in a while. It was actually really, really good and I really enjoyed some of the art pieces. It was good as well because I went in via a side entrance, so it made it so much better for finding new artists and paintings that I liked. One of them was ‘Jack Smith‘. I hadn’t heard of him before, but I stood and looked at his paintings for a while. I loved the way all of his colour faded into one another and the way that he played with lines and angles to make you really look at the painting. The last picture (below) is definitely my favourite! :)




I then left the Portrait Gallery and went into The National Gallery. Again, because of the awful rain, the main entrance wasn’t open so I had to go in through a different entrance. This was a good thing because I do tend to go to the same rooms in The National Gallery. The idea was that I found this one particular painting that I absolutely love, once I was in there, but because they are doing work and updating it, I couldn’t get to it. I have no idea what this painting is called or who it is by, but I remember exactly where it is and I know that I can just stare at it. I did, however, go and have a look at Van Gogh’s sunflowers and some of Monet’s work. There was one piece that I really loved and when I turned, a man was watching me look at the picture, rather than the painting. Awk. Lol… I’m not a big Monet fan and I do think that, although some of his paintings are gorgeous, he can be a little bit over-rated. This one painting painting (when I was being stared at) was just so beautiful though, and I’m not ashamed to say that I got a bit emotional when I was looking at it.


After leaving The National Gallery, I wasn’t quite done yet, but I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I then saw Big Ben in the distance, so decided that I would walk up to it and then along the river to Tate Modern. I, again, hadn’t been to this one for a while and I really wanted to see as much as I could. I began the walk, without realising how far it was (I look it up afterwards and it was 2.3 miles), and then it started raining so, so heavily. But I didn’t care. I put my umbrella up and kept walking, all the way along the river and up towards the wobbly bridge at St. Paul’s. After walking across the wobbly bridge in the pouring rain, I arrived at the Tate Modern.

Again, I hadn’t been in here for a while, but I found another new artist that I liked called ‘George Condo’. He isn’t what I usually like, but I thought that his pieces were really striking and really interesting to look at. Some of them looked like they were layered up, so you really had to look carefully in order to see what it was that you were looking at.




Outer Antipodes 1996 George Condo born 1957 Purchased with assistance from the Karpidas Family (Tate Americas Foundation) 2013






So, there you go! That was my day. After leaving Tate Modern, I pretty much went to Blackfriars Station (in the rain), got lost and then came home. I loved my day and I loved that it wasn’t for a project or for school stuff. It was just for me and my mind. I saw some beautiful art and I think that contrast between ‘traditional’ art at the National Gallery and the more modern, contemporary art did me the world of good. I realised that my art taste has really changed. I have always loved really detailed and delicate paintings and, although I still appreciate these, I really prefer the more abstract paintings where you can see how the artist was feeling and imagine them throwing the paint onto the canvas and ripping it and tearing it and using the canvas as part of the art, not just a surface. It’s pretty cool that it could be imagines as so many different things too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. It was so much fun to go around London and take pictures and wonder around for the whole day. I will do it again soon. I will.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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