Review: Paper Towns


After seeing the trailer for this film, I knew that I had to see it! So, after waiting for my friend to come back home from her holiday, we headed off to the cinema and booked our tickets. I thought it would be quite similar to the Nicholas Sparks films that I had seen such as Dear John, The Lucky One or The Notebook, but it was nothing like that. It was filmed from the young boy, Q’s perspective and it told the story of how he loved the girl across the road from his house. Margo, the young girl, and Q were friends while they were growing up and they played out in the street and kept each other company, but as they got older and went to High School, they grew apart and lost contact with each other. Margo was the ‘cool’ girl at school and Q was obsessed with Pop Quizzes and staying out of trouble.

One night, Margo goes to Q’s window and they embark on a revenge plan that Margo has thought up against her cheating ex and best friend. They wrap the friend’s car in cling film, wax off the other friend’s eyebrow and somehow get pictures of the cheating ex as he runs naked out of the house. However, the next day, Margo vanishes. She doesn’t turn up to school and she isn’t seen or heard from anyone. Her family think that she is just having one of ‘her turns’ again and don’t even want to report her as missing, so Q takes it upon himself to find her.Β He thinks that Margo has left him clues in order to find her – and he’s right! But, she has left them for very different reasons to why he thinks she has.


The film was quite good and the friends in the story made it, with their funny one-liners, but I do think that the story could have been better. I didn’t really like that the hunt was kind of for nothing and that the ending was so disappointing. My friend that I went with had read the book on her holiday and she said that the film missed out a lot of the information and the story line that helped it to end in the way that it did. It’s a shame that they had obviously cut out so much. They did, however, cut a scene where they broke into that awful place that I am not going to type. We all know where I’m talking about. It involves orca whales and keeping them in stupidly small tanks.

After going to see the film, we ended up going for some early dinner and wasting 6 hours catching up on holidays and work and friends and, well, everything in between. It was a lovely day to waste away in the holidays and it was nice to not have to worry about anything – I still had around a week left. Now, it’s all go, go GO!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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