Checking in!


New Job

So, it’s been a week or so of being in my new job and I am loving it! I was quite overwhelmed towards the beginning of last week, but I had a day on Wednesday to sort myself out and plan and get things ready. I have also been amazed at how lovely the staff are – they are just popping in to make sure I’m alright and they email me things over that they don’t necessarily need to. They are just the nicest and, unlike my old job, everyone gets on and is very professional and doesn’t talk about other people within the school. My class are a little bit chatty, but I am being super strict. They are really keen and ask heaps of questions, which is lovely because then the lesson just happens and they go away excited about what they have learnt and want to find out more. It’s just lovely. Fingers crossed it will carry on being this good.

Being ‘good’

I have been taking a cereal bar, salads and a drink to work everyday and I have also been having really healthy dinners like stir fry and pasta and more salad. I have not had one chip. HOWEVER, somehow, I haven’t lost any weight. I am a little bit disappointed because I have been so strict with myself. I haven’t been eating crisps or chocolate or anything naughty and when I knew I had a lot of sitting around, I’ve been taking sliced peppers and nuts and things. So…. yeah. Not the best, but I am going to keep with it. It’s just a bit disappointing when you know you’ve really tried hard.


Trying new things & my 90 day challenge

This has been a little bit more difficult to fit in since going back to work, but I am going to make it work. I have mainly been trying new foods, but I would love to go to new places too – I’ve tried duck, pomegranate and cherry salad, fish (if you knew me personally, you would know that I cannot stand fish in any way, shape or form. It is that one thing that I can’t seem to get over, so to try this was a big deal. I tried chilli olive oil, I baked a banana and chocolate loaf and I even tried hummus! I now need to try some more healthy things and I really, really want to try the quinua (no idea how to spell it) salad at Nando’s!

New hair

I decided to change my hair the other day – you know when you’re just a bit fed up of it and my top layer had got waaaaay too long, so I couldn’t actually do anything with it and it just hung their like a dead thing on my cheek (guess the reference). So, it’s now a subtle champagne blonde colour because it had gone a little bit yellow from holiday and it needed toning down a little bit more and I just have nicer layers and it is all nice and fresh again – Interesting stuff!

I think that’s pretty much it for catching up – I hope you are still lovely all of the posts and I am trying my best to upload them every couple of days. I am loving opening my phone and seeing all of your likes, so thank you for still reading my ramblings.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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