Come With Me: to the Zoo!


A couple of weeks ago, I completely forgot to blog about going to the Zoo! I hadn’t been for ages, like 3 or 4 years and we decided to go and spend the day looking at cute animals and wonder around! After sitting in quite a lot of traffic, we arrived at the Zoo! It was kind of strange driving to the Zoo as my sister used to live right near the Zoo and I would always pick her up on the way. We grabbed our tickets (which were Β£22.99!!!!) and we skipped all of the queues and went in. It was quite a warm day and a lot of the animals were inside or being fed, however, as we walked around, the animals were beginning to wonder around.

One of the first sections we went to was the Sea Lion Tunnel, which is my favourite part of the Zoo! I love how calm it is in there and how the Sea Lions just seem to float over you. Their faces are also beautiful and they seem to look straight at you, which makes it all the more exciting!



We then went and saw the penguins, who are obviously legends and I was able to take some pictures of two of them playing in the pool bit of their enclosure. They are so cute, and also Terri’s favourites. Something that isn’t my favourite are the butterflies. I don’t like the idea of having thing flying around my face and landing on me. I know it’s weird and that they are supposed to be really peaceful and beautiful, but I just don’t like it. However,Β I faced my phobia and went through the enclosure that they were flying around in and, not to brag or anything, they were absolutely massive and I didn’t freak out at all! I walked through and then waited for Terri outside. YAY to me!



Next up, we went to the new part of the Zoo – the Sun Bears! I had never seen a Sun Bear before and the first time we went passed, they were up far too high for anyone to be able to even see or get a decent photograph. The second time that we went passed, he was down the bottom and we were able to get some brilliant pictures and see him up close. He was really pretty and even though he looked quite feirce with his massive claws, he was kind of cute!

Then, we went over to the Lion enclosure and I think that this was the highlight of the day. We managed to squash our way into the viewing window bit and I can honestly say that it was amazing! We were so ridiculously close to him and he was just walking up and down the window. He was so massive with his gigantic paws and his enormous mane that I had to just stand and look at him. He was amazing!





I am going to finish this half of the blog with my favourite animals that ever walked this earth…. PIGS! I just love them and I don’t understand people that say that they’re ugly or smelly or unpleasant in any way. They are so bloomin’ cute! I want one in my back garden, but I know that that wouldn’t be sensible. Meh. They’re just so cute!




Stay tuned for Part 2…

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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