Come with me: to Brighton!

So, the other week (a couple of weeks ago now), Mumberly and I went to Brighton for the day. I totally forgot to blog about it! I would have loved to have gone on a sunnier day and found the beach huts, but there wasn’t time in the summer holidays. We drove, which didn’t take too long, and had a wonder along the beach, we bought hot chocolates, tried to dodge the rain and wondered around the cobbles. it was so relaxing and laid back, which was lovely.

Something that did surprise me was the amount of people that were there to say thathey had ‘been to Brighton’, which I know sounds crazy. It was just quite strange but some parts (particularly the cobbles), I expected to see people that were a bit quirky and different to the norm, which I love! Instead, it was just normal people in jeans and a jacket. I suppose I wanted to be a bit inspired. We then went to Bluewater and Lakeside on the way back home haha! As you do! So, here are some quick pictures from our day. Enjoyyyyy!

Peace and love, Polly May xx



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