General Ramblings…

So, I have succeeded in finishing my first half term at my new job. It is quite a stressful job, but I genuinely do really like it and I think I have more of a ‘normal’ life now. I was beyond stressed at my old school – I wasn’t sleeping, I was being sick and I just couldn’t switch off because there was always so much to do. This school is so different. I do my lessons, mark them and then go home. There are, obviously, some stressful days in between and I have done some things wrong, and had to re-do them, but I am a lot happier.Β It sounds really strange, but I feel like I just have more of a normal job now. I feel like I can go out more and meet up with friends because I can worry about work later.

My topic/theme of London is done, so I am now moving onto Destination: /Outer Space! This is so exciting as there is so much to cover – we are going to eat space food and design rockets and ‘interview’ Neil Armstrong and create aliens and everything in between! It’s going to be so good!

It’s my half term now, and other than having a well deserved break, I am going to blog about what I’m up to! Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! I really do enjoy writing down my thoughts and I loved reading other people’s blogs and getting ideas, so thank you!

Be warned; Haloween is almost here and then it is the countdown to CHRISTMAS!! Argh! So exciting!

Peace and love,

Polly May xx

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