Ceramics on the hop.

So, the other night, my friend and I decided that we were a bit fed up with the normal dinner/pics/drinks kinda nights out, so we looked at what else there was to do. We came across ‘Ceramics on the Hop‘, which is a painting ceramics workshop place in Writtle, Essex. We had never been and thought it would be fun.

We booked our slot in for 3 o’clock and after choosing what we wanted, we were offered a table and a cup of tea! :) There was a ‘service’ charge of £4.50 that covered the paints, use of the fire etc. and then you just added the cost of the thing that you chose on the top.

After quite a lot of faffing, we decided to both do a tealight holder thing. Emma did a cute, little owl and I found the cutest little mushroom house! It was so reasonable and we were the only ones in there at the end, but they didn’t make us feel uncomfortable or under pressure. It was a perfect half term night! I can’t wait to pick it up! We also went to dinner at a nearby pub (can’t remember what it was called) and had a proper catch up. It was definitely a good start to my week off :)

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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