Come with Me to: Spitalfields City Farm


Last weekend, Terri, Mumberly and I headed off to Spitalfields for the day. Although they had some nice bits and pieces, I didn’t buy anything and I was a little bit disappointed. So, we headed to Brick Lane (which is just a stone throw away) and had a wonder. After an hour or so, we stumbled across Spitalfields City Farm and it was amazing!

I recently went to a farm near to where I live and I was shocked at the amount of space and the concrete that the animals were kept on all day with very little space to play and move about. I used to have an adopted pig there and I did have really fond memories of it. You used to be able to buy animal feed and feed the chickens, ducks and geese. It was lovely, however, returning back it wasn’t the same place at all and was quite unnerving.

Luckily, Spitalfields City Farm was a completely different experience. We  wondered in and where directed to where all of the animals were kept. I, obviously, headed straight to the pigs (I just love them so much!), who were ingeniously named Watson and Sherlock! They were the ugliest,  cutest pigs I had ever seen and after feeding them some leaves and taking their pictures, we moved on.

We met some very playful and sweet goats, Derek the Donkey, who looked like he had rolled straight out of the Nativity film, Dandelion the cow, as well as chickens, geese and a very sleepy farm cat!

The staff and the animals seemed as happy as each other and the care and level of care was amazing. I knew City farms existed, but I was so impressed by the level of dedication that I would definitely revisit! It would be such a great day out for children too! I hope that you visit and support the farm – I really was impressed and would never say something if I didn’t mean it. Here’s some pictures of my day…

Peace and love, Polly May xx











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