Ella Eyre @ Brixton Academy!


Last Tuesday, I went to see Ella Eyre with my sister at Brixton Academy. I had never been to Brixton Academy before and to say I was looking forward to seeing her was a complete understatement.I literally ran home from work, got changed, down a cuppa and left for the train station and somehow managed to be to Brixton with lots of time to spare!

We walked around to find somewhere to eat and ended up in this little “one-off” pub called the Prince Albert (I think that’s what is was called anyway). We had a really nice, but very speedy meal and then walked back down Brixton High Street to the Academy.


It wasn’t massive in there and I don’t know what I expected, but the scenery and the details around the stage were pretty cool. Unfortunately, we missed the first support act, who was a young called Jasmine Thompson. We walked in as she was finishing her last song and she did sound pretty amazing though! So, we went and got a drink and then waited for the second support act, who was Nina Nesbitt. I had heard quite a lot about Nina Nesbitt and I was sure that I liked her style of music, but I was a little bit wrong. She came on and did a lot of her new music, which obviously is fine, but it did kill the atmosphere a little bit. She was also quite nervous and she openly admitted that it was her first gig in over a year, but it was a bit awkward to watch. So, after a lot of new material and a cover of The Weeknd’s ‘I can’t feel my face’, it was time for Ella!


She was incredible as she pranced onto the stage in her silver metallic catsuit and her incredible, and I honestly mean incredible, hair! I had serious hair envy, as I knew I would, and I actually couldn’t stop staring at her for a second – total girl hair crush! Her opening song was ‘All about you’, followed by songs such as ‘Good times’ and ‘Comeback’. I was so impressed at how much she was running around the stage and she was still able to sing absolutely perfectly! She then sang ‘Waiting all night’, which obviously everyone knew so the atmosphere was awesome!


She also sang ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off’, ‘Deeper’, ‘Gravity’ and finished with ‘If I go’! It was so, so good and, although I didn’t know every single song, she was so amazing that it didn’t really matter and the ones that I did know where amazing! I think she was better than I thought she would be – like, she didn’t sound live. She sounded exactly the same as on the radio. She can SING!

For the encore, she came back and did an amazing version of ‘You got the best of my love’, which she recorded for the Fiat 500 campaign, advert thingy. Her last song was ‘Together’ and it was amazing with air blast things and confetti and just awesomeness!


After the show, we headed (literally ran) for the train as it was quite a way and then I drove us home! It was so good to go out and not think about work for a while and just have fun! Wednesday morning at work was a slightly different matter…

It was such a good night. Check out my instagram for more videos and pics :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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