Autumn Favourites! 

So, I thought it might be fun to do a little ‘autumn things’ blog post. I do really like autumn fashion and I think that it’s the best time for accessories. Hats, scarves, gloves, handbags, jewellery, all of it really. So, here’s a couple of things I have bought recently. Not all of them are fashion, some are just favourites :)

Up first is this film! I was obsessed with this film when I was younger and I even downloaded ‘Pink Slip’s’ songs! I loved Chad Michael Murray too, so I suppose that helped. Anyway, I bought it and instantly felt cheered up! Sad, but true! Lol!

These strange little finger traps are brilliant! As you might know, I had shellac nails put on for my holiday in August. Since then, I have had them re-done every few weeks. I finally took them off after they all snapped – which was really quite painful. I had heard about shellac and thought they were good for your nails, sort of like a protection, but obviously not… I bought these to soak it off and they were so good! Well impressed with them!

Some fashion stuff! These knitted skinny jeans from Primark are the best fitting jeans that I’ve had in a while. I usually get my jeans from Forever 21, but I wanted some autumnal colours, so I got these in khaki, maroon and black. It’s great because they’re neat enough for work but super, super comfy! Plus, they were only £10 each!

This is probably the best idea I’ve had all year! It was onesie day at school last week in order to raise money for World Diabetes day, so I bought this! I can’t describe how soft it is and for £14 from Primark, I can tell I’m going to live in it all winter! It has little wats on the hood too, so this makes it even cuter!

Next up; I grabbed this skeleton hand necklace. I am sure that it was meant for Haloween, but I just loved it and I thought it would look great with a black collared shirt for work. At 50p in Prinark’s sale, it would be rude not to get one!

I desperately needed some shoes/boots that I could wear in the rain. The weather has been awful here at the moment and it is so annoying! I spotted these in Prinark (again!) and they were an absolute steal at £12! They are also the wide fit range, so they are super comfy and big enough that you can wear thicker, cosier socks with them. I also thought that they would look nice with day dresses and general work wear.

These jumpers are from H&M. For some reason, all of my jumpers are massive baggy things, so I needed some new, fitted ones. They are soooo comfy and think look lovely with jeans and boots or you can dress them up really easily. They have splits going up the sleeves and it the sides and I love that it makes them a little bit different.

This gorgeous flower detail necklace is from Primark and it was only £6! My jewellery collection is looking a bit sad at the moment, so I thought it would be nice to buy some new that will go with pretty much anything. I thought this would look really nice with a shirt and a jumper over the top for when it gets really cold.

And finally…. I HAVE ACTUALLY GOT A NEW COAT! After buying quite a few and returning all of them, I have decided to keep this one! I think it will go with the most, I can wear it for work and general life and it was super reasonable at £23! I love grey this season and it seemed to be everywhere so I am going a bit mad on it… It was only from Primark so I am not fussed if it gets a bit marked etc.

So there you have it! In an attempt to be organised, I have also bought a few bits for Christmas presents. I hope that this has given you some ideas for yourself and others and that you found it interesting… It’s kind of turned into a Primark haul without it meaning to.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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