Television Ranting.

So, other than sleeping, Christmas shopping and the odd but I marking my weekend was quite uneventful. I happened to have X Factor on while I was pottering about on Saturday night and oh my goodness. I am actually shocked that it is still running.

There are a couple of people that can sing but the majority are just ridiculously average. I don’t understand how these shows are still going. The judges were so distant – especially Simon Cowell while the other three high fived and danced on their chairs. It was just awful. I also don’t understand how people can justify putting all that money, time and effort into something so ‘meh’ when there is quite clearly something else that money could go towards.

It really does surprise and I would never normally say anything about this, but it’s actually really annoyed me. After not watching it for the last 3 weeks, I won’t be wat Hong anymore and I won’t be downloading or buying the winner’s song in any way. It’s a shame but it has just had its day. Okay, moaning over :)

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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