Simple, but effective…

December wouldn’t be December without copious amounts of Christmas films, advent calendars, present buying and, of course, food. So, I have decided to do something that is probably the best idea I’ve ever had (not!) and be good from now until Christmas. Technically I have already started this, but just not blogged about it. 

I am going to try and join a fitness class, walk more and eat healthier and that’s it. I am over the whole silly diets and although I have been known to lose quite a lot with the slim fast diet – it just goes straight back on once you start eating properly again. I also have a manic workload at the moment and I try to go out and see people as often as I can, so, instead, I am going to set myself easy to achieve goals that include walking, eating healthier and doing some sort of class. Easy, right? 

I am way too excited at the prospects of this – I have so many dresses that I just don’t have the confidence to wear for work or to go out and I really want to wear them now! I am hoping that this kick up the bum will give me the oomph to wear them all!

Wish me luck!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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