10 songs that are guaranteed to put me in a fab mood!

rolling stones

1 – ‘You can’t always get what you want’ by The Rolling Stones

You know everyone has that one amazing song that means everything to them and they’re not always sure why? – Well, this is mine. It has the ability to give me goosebumps every single time I hear it and although I get really emotional when I hear it, it always makes me happy!

2 – ‘Ni**as in Paris’ by Jay Z & Kanye West.

As weird as some people might think it is, this song actually gives me goosebumps and is totally awesome and amazing and instantly cheers me up no matter what! I am undoubtably unashamed that this is my number 1 in my ‘iTunes most played’ playlist thing. I absolutely love it! I once played it on repeat home from University to see how many times I could – the answer was 11. I cannot tell you how bummed out I am that I didn’t get Hackney Weekend tickets this year. Fuck sake.

3 – Start me up / Brown Sugar / Honky Tonk Woman / Gimme Shelter / Jumping Jack Flash / Sympathy for the devil… Anything by the Rolling Stones

They will always be my favourite, most awesome band ever! I love them and I love that I can sing along and feel totally happy! (I recently found a ‘single’ vinyl that I had bought of Honky Tonk Woman and I played it and I felt totally 60s and fabulous!)

4 – ‘Return of the Mack’ by Mark Morrison

When I was younger, Mum used to play this all the time in our car when we were out and about and I still love it now! I love the scratchy bit at the beginning and I will completely hold my hands up and tell you that I don’t know all of the words and tend to just make noises in the verses – it’s all part of the fun. Kind of.

5 – All falls down by Kanye West

I am a little bit obsessed with Kanye West at the moment – I have got a CD in the car that I’ve played everyday for the last 3 weeks. His Glastonbury performance definitely changed my mind on him. I thought he was just really angry and didn’t really know what he was doing, but he is actually making a pretty important point.


6 – Schoolin’ Life by Beyoncé

This reminds me of driving to work in the sunshine with windows down and the music blaring. It was also the song I played all the way home on my last day at my own school. Also, my jealousy for what is happening in this picture is unreal.

7 – Mack the knife by Bobby Darin

Mumberly and I went to see a Rat Oack show and I have such fantastic memories of this song. We both turned to each other at the ‘with his teeth, dear’ bit and grinned like crazy people.

8 – Started from the bottom by Drake

I have to say, my love for Drake is a fairly new development. I loved ‘The Crew’ by The Weeknd and him and it just carried on… I love ‘Hold On, we’re going home,’ ‘Take Care,’Find your love’ and, of course, ‘Hotline Bling’.


9 – Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson

I once once driving home from work and had this blasting from my car and I looked behind me in the mirror and the man in the car behind was proper going for it! He must of paused his music and just gone with mine! Lol! He was so funny and we ended up having a little duo session before going our own ways haha!

10 – Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys feat. Jay Z

I have been lucky enough to go the New York twice and the second time, when I went with my Mum and Sister, I became obsessed with this song. I remember I had all different versions – a live one, the radio edit, the slow part 2 one, a improvised rap one with Jay Z – and I played the one after another. Please just get me back there now!

11 – ‘Public Service Announcement’ by Jay Z

“Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is HOV!”

12 – ‘Candy’ by Cameo

This is my Turkey holiday song! It was everywhere! We danced it at home, at the bar, round the pool, in the pool, in the apartment. Pretty much everywhere! I then came home and some time later I was stuck in a traffic jam for 4 hours so I danced along to this in the car and taught everyone the moves! Lol!

13 – ‘Church’ by T Pain

This song was so, so awesome when I was about 18/19! I remember it coming on in a club when I was out with a group of friends and everyone went mad! They just loved it and everyone was dancing and the DJ ended up playing it back to back about 5 times over! I will always love this song for awesome memories and clubbing on a Tuesday night – God, I miss it!

(Okay, not quite 10 but I couldn’t stop! I have so many favourites. Like or comment if you enjoyed this and I might do a part 2 :))

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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