My favourite blog posts of all time!


So, I began blogging in March 2010, which, to me, is a very long time ago. I was 20 years old and I had decided to take a year out before going to University to do my teaching degree. A lot has naturally changed in that time: I’ve graduated, got a job, changed how and what I blog about and tried to make it more of a ‘thing’ than I ever imagined.

I do, however, have some favourites. Those odd, few blogs that just stick in my head as being totally and completely awesome times and I thought it would be pretty amazing to share them with you again (or first the first time if you’re new – hi!).


#1 – ‘The Luckiest Girl in the World’ – 2nd December 2012

I still can’t believe that I have actually seen the legends that are The Rolling Stones with my own eyeballs. They are so special to me and they’re songs have done more than any classical or ‘fancy’ genre of music could of. What am I talking about? They are classical and fancy! I just love them. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up listening to them when I was younger or because I just love how they make me feel. Maybe both. They are totally awesome and I actually think that they are like therapy for me! Ha!

#2 – ‘Honesty (Part 1)’ – 30th August 2011 & ‘Honesty (Part 2)’ – 28th October 2012

I love both of these blogs for two reasons. Firstly, they are pretty much the exact same answers or things.Β The second thing is that I still need to work on the finding time for myself to enjoy my hobbies or what I like. I think it is very easy to not say “stop” when you’re a teacher because there is always something to be done, even if you’ve spent all weekend doing marking and whatnot. Yes, I need to work on this.


#3 – ‘Marilyn’ – 10th May 2011

Marilyn is so beautiful and although she used her beauty to become well-known, she definitely achieved what she set out to. I don’t even think I love her so much because of her beauty but because she was just a normal, pretty girl with an awful lot of luck. She also said some wonderful things, one of my favourites being: ‘It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring’.

#4 – ‘Come with me to London!’ – 3rd September 2015

So, it was the final few days of the summer holidays and, as I was about to begin my new job, I was definitely a bit worried and stressy. I set a day aside and made sure I had no work, people, meet ups at all and I drove to a near-by station, jumped on a train and spent the entire day in London. I walked along the Thames in the rain (one of my favourite things to do), found some incredibly beautiful art, discovered a love for more abstract, ‘messy’ art that I hadn’t really appreciated before and just generally loved every single second of it. I am planning another one very soon, but I just really enjoyed it and it will stick in my head for a very long time.


#5 –‘Harry Potter: The Boy who lived’ – 30th December 2012

Being a massive Harry Potter fan, I was disgraced with myself for not having read all of the books! I had heard from various people that they were 100 times better than the films and that a lot more happened in them. So, I set myself the challenge of reading all of the Harry Potter books in a year and I totally smashed it! I also found that each book that I read, I decided that was my ‘new’ favourite. I just couldn’t stop reading, and I love that I actually achieved this!

#6 – ‘What Teaching is Really Like. According to me.’ – 25th October 2013

I love that I had the courage to do this. At the time, I had just begun my first ever job as a teacher and, my goodness, I didn’t know what was coming! I thought that this was the worst it would get and that I was able to just focus more and get on top of things. I eventually left this school (in the Summer this year) and began working at a new school. I just felt that I needed to have a fresh start and think about whether I wanted to still teach, or if I was going to let a bad experience choose for me. Who knows, maybe it would be interesting to do a updated one now and see if I still think the same?!

#7 – ‘Help… is it really worth it?’ – 26th March 2015

Continuing on from the #6, I wrote my feelings out and I honesty couldn’t think what to do. This blog helped me so much and, after reading it a million times, I realised that the logical thing to do is to not give up and to be a good teacher. I’m still working on it, but I am so, so much more happier.


#8 – ‘Robin Williams 1951 – 2014’ – 18th August 2014

To this day, I still haven’t been able to watch Mrs Doubtfire. I will one day, but I think it’s so strange how attached I am to this film and how sad I am about the fact that he’s gone. I think that it’s just because I grew up with him and he was one of the funniest, brighest people in my childhood. As we now know, he was not always like this and he wasn’t truly happy, but it still makes me sad. I just hope he is happier now than he was.

#9 – ‘Goodbye 2014: What I did’ – 29th December 2014

I really loved doing this blogged and it made me realise that I had fitted in as much as I could, even if I wasn’t the happiest at work. I feel like I really made the most of this year and grew as a person.

#10 – ‘No materialistic things, just this’ – 11th March 2012

Simple, but effective.

Blogging has honestly become something that I love doing and even though I am not as successful and well known (I’m actually not really known at all – who am I kidding?), I still love doing it and sharing my life in this way. It’s totally awesome to look back and think – ‘wow, that was so good’ and look at how much I have changed, sometimes for the good and sometimes not. I would love to dress all funky and not care what people think, but I don’t think I could pull it off anymore. In other ways, I don’t even recognize myself – especially when I had dark hair! What was I thinking?

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking back at some pretty amazing blog posts with me. You can find all of my blog posts by clicking on that little archives arrow and selecting a month! Trust me, you can lose hours, so beware lol!

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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