What do you think about New Years Resolutions?


I am someone who loves lists, tick sheets, dates, highlighters and general organisation and I have always, always made a list beforehand and then tried my best to tick them all off when December thirty-first rolls around. However, this year, I did things slightly different and I made my list as I went along. I’ve got to admit, it was pretty amazing and I loved adding all the little bits and pieces that I did!

So, I guess I just wondered if you make lists, if you stick to them, or if you don’t bother. I know the typical ones like lose 500 pounds, stop smoking, eat more healthy and just generally changed how you live your life are the more common ones, but do you have one particular that you always have? I think it’s strange in one sense that it is a new year and so you feel a pressure to change or do something random. Is it weird or is it just a big fuss about nothing?

Anyway, here’s my list so far for 2015, but the year isn’t out yet!

  • I went to Barcelona with Jodie for a well-earned rest and the chance to see a beautiful city!
  • I went to the V&A lots – Auntie Jean day & Alexander McQueen exhibition!
  • I have baked Easter cupcakes and Tanya Burr cookies!
  • I have been to the seaside!
  • I have climbed the 02 Dome at Greenwich and lived to tell the tale!
  • I dyed my hair bright blue!
  • I went to Hampton Court, finally!
  • I bought myself a Michael Kors bag!!
  • I have left my school and….!
  • I got a new job for September :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I adopted an Orca Whale named Fife.
  • I went to my friend, Louise’s, baby shower.
  • I went along the Thames on a boat for the first time and had Afternoon Tea.
  • I met up with friends that I hadn’t seen for ages.
  • I went away with Emma for a week of fun, laughs, sunbathing, blue lagoons and devil hills! :)
  • I have started and I am enjoying my new job.
  • I held my first ever baby – Gorgeous little Ava!
  • I have made more time for friends that make me feel happy.
  • I have spent days wondering around London and appreciating new art and photography.
  • I have baked loads of cakes and cookies and loafs!
  • I’ve led my own assemblies – this is a bit of a boring work one, but I get so, so nervous every time and I’m kind of proud of myself when it goes right :)
  • I’ve been to loads of museums and even the Zoo!
  • I think I’ve made more time for me and what I enjoy doing!
  • I genuinely feel like I have really grown up this year and almost matured – I think a lot more practically and I’m just not interested in some of the things/people that I used to be. Like, I’m realising that some things are not as important as I thought.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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