Come with me to: Winter Wonderland

So, the holidays have started and you all know how much I love London, so off I went! The plan was Winter Wonderland, but we managed to squash in quite a lot… We started off at Kings Cross St. Pancras to see their Disney Christmas Tree! And let me tell you, it did not fail to impress! They even made it snow and I had to hold myself back from jumping up and down with excitement…Β 
After the awesome Disney tree, we jumped back on the train and went to Harrods. It wasn’t actually too busy and it seemed easy enough to get around. I always find Hattods confusing and a bit of a maze. Once you’re in there, it’s very hard to escape haha! But it was pretty and their window displays were pretty good! We then walked down to Hyde Park Corner though the park to go to Covent Garden…

I think the Covent Garden is one of my favourite places in London. I love all of the little lanes and things and the little places that people miss. I also love the shops in the main bit and the fact that there’s a moomin shop lol! Β 
Β After Covent Garden, we ate got England in TGI Friday’s… I had a cocktail, potato skins, Jack Daniels chicken with onion rings and sweet potato fries and a Diet Coke! Far too much! Please make a side note that this is ALL I ate all day so it’s not too bad… We headed to Oxford Street to go to Winter Wonderland!!
Β We strolled around the cute market stalls, sat in the bar and watched a boy sing Justin Beiber and 1 Direction and then wondered back to the station to go home. It was such a good day and, even though I was freezing by the end of it and it had rain on and off all day, I still had a lovely day and got to spend time with my bestie!

Β Peace and love and holiday sprinkles, Polly May xx


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