The Year of Growing Up & Being Happier: 2015.



January was definitely the year that I was trying to sort everything out and it was so weird, I added pictures of things I liked or was inspired by, but when I look back over it, it’s because I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was just adding random stuff.



I finally booked up to go to Barcelona and blogged about it here, here and here! I had a lovely few days away and, even though I wasn’t completely crazy happy at the time, I went and had a good time. I got to go in Picasso’s actually house, which is a pretty cool thing to say.



I went to my favourite place in the entire world – the V&A, I wished Mumberly a happy Mother’s Day, I baked some Easter cupcakes, I celebrated Terri’s birthday and broke up for the Easter holidays



I did a bit of shopping at Freeport Designer Village and Primark had a heap of stuff in for Spring/Summer! I reached 48,000 visits, which is just insane! That’s a lot of people! I dyed my hair mermaid blue on the ends. Oh, and I casually climbed over the 02 Dome in London, which, I’m not even joking, was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done!



This was the month that I had (secretly) given in my notice at my job and couldn’t tell anyone – I was definitely on the countdown to the summer, but I had my birthday to celebrate and went out for dinners, drinks, going to the Alexander McQueen exhibition and Hampton Court PalaceI bought my first Michael Kors bag!!! :) I had a London day out and the Museum of London. – This is also when my ‘Come With Me’ blogs started :) I also baked Tanya Burr’s cookies and they actually came out amazingly!



I updated my List of Happy! I ordered some of my instagram pictures from Polargram! I had my first proper interview in about 6 years – it was super nerve-raking, but I think they liked me and I went with the idea that it was a leanring curve if nothing came form it.I got totally fed up with my skin and randomly decided that I wanted to take my care of it, so I did the Clinique skincare challenge and uploaded a make-up free picture of myself for 30 days!



I left my old job and celebrated the six weeks holidays! It’s strange but as I’ve done this, it’s so obvious how unhappy I was because of the things that I was blogging about. I hope you’ll notice from here downwards, I was blogging about all sorts and was clearly a lot happier haha!



After a really crappy time at my old school, I was determined to squash in as much fun as I could once I left and didn’t have all the stress to worry about. So, I booked Ella Eyre tickets, I read Tanya Burr’s book, I went along the Thames for afternoon tea, I watched ‘Blackfish’ and it totally changed my life and made me adopt an Orca named Fife, I went on holiday with Emma, I blogged a little haul on the things that I bought, I saw IRIS the movie, I made my first ever Lemon Drizzle Cake and it came out amazingly, I went to Colchester Zoo with Terri (here and here), and I rounded it all up in a Goodbye August post! It was probably the most amazing month! Not gonna lie!



I began my new job, and felt a lot more positive about everything… I attempted to make smoothies and be more healthy and, although this was delicious, this is still the only one that I have ever made/drunk. Lol… I had a not so sunny day out in Brighton going all down the lanes and generally having a mooch and I attempted the 90 day challenge thing.



I went to see Straight Outta Compton, which wasn’t what I thought it would be at all and it was actually pretty amazing seeing what sort of lives N.W.A. and black people had at that time. I met the gorgeous Ava and became a very proud friend, I went to see ‘Legend’ which was all about the Krays, I went to Spitalfields for the day, I made a massive batch of healthy tomato and red pepper soup, I painted my first ceramic ornament / tealight thing, I saw ‘Suffragette’ and it changed how I thought about politics and women’s rights… and finally, I blogged about haloween and all things related! Wow! There was clearly a lot of a brilliant films out in October!



I baked Olaf cookies, and shared my secret recipe for Spaghetti Bolegnese, I visited a City Farm and was amazed by how happy the animals were! I went to see Ella Eyre on a school night and totally struggled for about 2 weeks ha! She was amazing though, so it’s okay! I did a bit of a autumn/winter haul and bought loads of pretty things haha!



So, December was full of favourite blog posts, festivities, Winter Wonderland, Gingerbread biscuits, Purple Hair Envy, Christmas and looking back over the past year.

Looking back, this year has been pretty amazing! Like, really amazing! I have changed a lot in myself and in the things that I do. I really feel like I’ve grown up this year! I have seen a lot of Art, done a bit of travelling, realised my real friends, changed my job, and I just feel like I’ve grown as a person. Sloppy, right? Anyway, I hope that you’ve enjoyed the blog this year and I hope that I can bring even more to 2016! I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be pretty awesome!

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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