Thanks 2015! It’s been a blast!


I hope you liked the last post! I really loved doing it – This is just a little extra special thanks before we go into 2016!! Woop Woop!

2015 has been amazing and I don’t think it’s until you do something like this that you realise how much you’ve achieved and how much you’ve changed as a person! I am so much happier than I was back in January. After trying my best to start the year in a great mood, there were a few things that happened that caused me to be quite miserable. My cutest, cuddliest, most gorgeous dog in the whole wide world wasn’t very well and sadly we lost her. She was almost 16 and I still miss her so, so much! People who say they are ‘just pets’ are talking utter crap. My house is still not the same! Work was also getting me down quite a lot. However, by May time, I had had enough and decided to do something about it by handing my notice in with no job or job prospects to go to. Luckily this paid off and I went on to work at a much nicer place and everything else seemed to fall into place. I promised myself that every school holiday would be totally awesome, so I planned days out, went on holidays, saw friends, made an extra effort and it has totally paid off – I mean, just look! :)

So, stats-wise… I’ve had 11, 184 views this year (so far! ha!) I’ve added 569 pictures, countless amounts of words making up the 128 new posts you’ve read this year! You’ve visited me from all over the world and you’ve made me the happiest blogger ever! So, the biggest thank you and an even bigger happy new year! I’m wishing you all of the luck and happiness, smiles and giggles in the whole wide world! It’s been a blast! :)

Thanks a million!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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