I’m Loving My Granny Hair!

So, to start the granny transformation, I bought a ‘Colour Freedom: Metallic Glory’. I got it in Superdrug and it was on offer for about Β£5.00, I think. This was a complete impulse buy as I had originally gone in to get a light brown hair colour (I just fancied something different) and I saw this one and the rose gold one. However, I thought that the rose gold was more appropriate for the summer!

So, after mixing it all up, I used a hair dying brush (thing) to apply it, making sure that I did all of the roots first and then worked it down to the tips. It was completely covered, but I think that I could have done with a little bit more mixture… Anyway I applied it and then I waited…. and waited. I’m not going to lie, I was super nervous! I was turning my hair grey!!!!

The Box said that I needed to leave it on my hair for around 25 minutes, so, after taking a ridiculous amount of selfies and watching eagerly to see it change, you can see how dark it looked!!! ARGH!!!! And then…..

…TA DAH!!!! I do really love it and, even though, it wasn’t silver hair like I thought it would be, I still really, really love it! I also love that it has all different shades and tones in it from being blonde previously. I have had grey hair for the last week and I think it suits my skin tone a lot better. I also can’t believe how little my hair isn’t falling out! I know this sounds weird, but my hair has literally been falling out in clumps but I guess that’s from dying my hair for 10 years. It seems a lot happier with less peroxide haha!


So, there you go! I would really recommend the Metallic Glory range because it has come out pretty much the colour that it said. It also didn’t agitate my head or itch or anything, which some of the blonde hair dyes I’ve used have in the past. The only negative was the smell – it wasn’t horrific or anything, just could have been nicer. I suppose it was only for 25 minutes! Haha!

I hope this has helped you in decided what to do with your hair, or just having a look at mine. I think that it does suit me and I love how something simple has changed how I look completely! Yay for hair dye! Now, my focus is my diet and fitness. 2016 is on point! :)

Peace and love and grey hairs,

Polly May xx



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