Crazy for Kiko!!


So, recently, I will be the first to admit that I have gone a little bit mad for make-up. In particular, KIKO make-up. Now, I understand that most girls get ‘into’ make-up when they are fairly young and I do love doing smoky eyes and things, but so long as all of my spots are covered and I look remotely alive, I’m happy. However, I thought that I would have a go at paying more attention not only to my make-up, but also my skin. So, for the past year or so, I have been using proper skincare products from Clinique and trying to look after the quality of my skin. I have also tried to keep an eye on my sugar intake and drink a lot more water. So, now onto the make-up.

I have decided to go with the make-up brand KIKO because I think that it’s affordable and a nice quality too! I can try things out and test things, without worrying about spending too much! I did try and go into my local MAC store, however, I felt so pressured and so uncomfortable that I knew this one wasn’t for me. The KIKO shops that I go in have always been super friendly and welcoming, as well as helpful! My favourite on is at the end of Regent’s Street (near Oxford Circus) however, I do also like the one at Westfield’s, Stratford and my two new local stores! Yay!

Here’s what I’ve got in my collection so far:

  • Bronzer Mineral Powder (104),
  • Ultra Long Post Stress Treatment Base Coat (for nails),
  • Hot Pink Nail Lacquer (502),
  • Light Pink Nail Lacquer ( 505),
  • Dark Purple Nail Lacquer ( 497),
  • Light Blue Infinity Eyeshadow (279),
  • Light Pink Infinity Eyeshadow (223),
  • False Lashes Concentrate Top Coat Mascara,
  • Lipstick (515),
  • Lipstick (711).

As you can see, I haven’t bought a foundation yet, as I am going to continue to use the Clinque Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer as it agrees with my fussy skin and it has really good coverage – Ark at me sounding all fancy!

So, I thought it might be fun to set myself a challenge of using only KIKO Make-up and seeing if it stayed on/turned out well. So, here you go… I apologise for some of the ‘morning’ make-up pics but it was Sunday morning and I was genuinely getting ready! Ha!

To start with, I just use my super old foundation brush (from H&M) and work my foundation into my skin and neck. I have two of the Clinique foundations as I bought a slightly darker one after coming back from holiday with a tan, but it’s actually really handy for contouring. Unfortunately, I forgot to contour today… I then used the mineral bronzer with the 301 Real techniques rose gold brush. Then, the last picture is just me making sure all my eyes are covered before putting my eye shadow on.

Next up, I used a small fluffy eye shadow brush and applied the pale pink sparkly eye shadow in 223 and lightly covered my eyelid. I then used the mascara top coat on my lashes. Lastly, I wore my newest obsession: rose sparkly lipstick (711).

So, here’s the finished look…

I was really impressed with how it came out and I loved that it stayed on all day. Their make-up seems to be really well made and good for the skin. It doesn’t feel oily or make you look shiny at all and I would recommend it to anyone trying to get a little collection going. I think I am getting better and I’m even trying to get up earlier so that I can put some make-up on for work (more so than normal anyway)!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. It’s just something a little bit different. I am starting to really love make-up and how it changes your look completely. I hope this has given you some ideas/inspiration for an everyday look.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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