Queen B.


Let’s just take a second to realise how big this is. Beyonce has gone from talking about clubbing and partying to actually using her platform to make a very important point. I have never heard anything like this and I love that she’s pushing the boundaries and thinking about saying what needs to be said, regardless of who her ‘friends’ are.

I love that she’s making a point. Things need to change and I was actually a bit emotional when thinking how mad it is that she needs to do all of this to make her point. Just to be who she is. I mean, why. I do, however, love the fact that she is encouraging black people, women and mothers to be the best that they can! YEEEEEESSSS! It’s probably the most honest she has ever been and this is probably because she hasn’t got anyone to answer to. She can push the bar and test people’s reactions. She’s been able to show anger and honesty while being playful and, almost, laughing at the situation. However, there’s definitely no confusion that she’s standing up for this.

She released the song ‘Formation’ on Saturday night and shocked the world. I am always impressed that she has a song, video, press and everything on standby and no one has said a word until she says ‘okay’. Literally. She then performed it as her only solo song during the Super Bowl Half Time Show, before joining Bruno Mars with a mash up of his song ‘Uptown Funk’.

The video for ‘Formation’ is just incredible and she is able to mix a Southern feel with a truth grittiness. I love that Blue Ivy is in it and she is just the most adorable little girl I have ever seen. All those people that commented on her looking like Jay Z, implying that he’s unattractive (idiots), are eating their words. She is so cute and so amazing to be in her Mum’s video. She’s incredibly lucky!

I wouldn’t normally do a post like this. I did something similar when I had a lightbulb moment about Lady Gaga (back in the day), but I love that Beyonce is saying something and it’s not just the usual radio rubbish, which is on a lot at the moment. ALL HAIL QUEEN B!

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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