Hello Half Term! 

So, today is the today that marks 100 days of learning at my school.  The day was really good! The children did a 100 ‘thing’ challenge, where they had to run around the school and find 100 different items (cotton buds, Pom poms, paper clips etc.). They then completed 100 a to activity based on their learning since September. This afternoon, they completed 100 activities, and answered 100 banners which were world questions, prayers, places they want to go, ways to make 100 etc. It was a really great idea. This flower was my class’ activity and is made up of a handprint from everyone in the school! Pretty cool huh?

Not only was it 100 days of learning, it was also 100 days of me teaching at this school! I still struggle a little bit with the amount of work there is and the lack of time to do all of the paperwork, but I am enjoying it so, so much! I can voice my ideas, ask questions, learn more myself and no one judges me. I also feel like I’m getting somewhere academically with the children. They are so responsive!

Anyway, it has been a massive achievement for me today and, even though, I’m shattered and have barely any energy left, I am really enjoying it and I’m so happy to say that 100 days in! :)

Peace and love and 100 days!

Polly May xx

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