Budapest – Day 1

So, on Monday, I flew out to Budapest, Hungary (Like always, I posted a little ‘hello’ post while I was there!). Me, and my friend Briony, had kept saying ‘we should go to Budapest’ and we kept going back to it when looking/booking other holidays, so we decided to just book it and go! After a very easy flight and an even easier transfer, we arrived at our hotel (Hotel Continental Zara – which was very nice!), we unpacked, grabbed a few extra layers and decided to go out and get more of an idea of where things were. I had been bought a little Budapest book, so had an idea of the direction we were heading etc.

We did however, have no idea that everything would be so close! We passed the Dohany Street Jewish Synagogue, which was at the end of our road, before walking down to find St Stephen’s Basilica and the Parliament Building, which were both incredible! They were honestly gorgeous – especially the Parliament building. They looked like something out of a film or an old war-time story! They were lovely.Β After a little stroll around, we headed back towards our hotel, stopped off for some Burger King (yeah, we’re cool) and decided to plan the following day! I already knew a few things that I really, really wanted to see before going home!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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