Lean In 15…

 So, I have a spare 2 minutes before I need to assess my class in their reading (is going to take forever, but what else would I want to do with my evening?) While I am prolonging that, I thought I would share something with you…

As you might of guessed, I have been trying out the Lean in 15 recipes. I got Mum the book for Mother’s Day and we have been trying to eat a lot better indoors. We’ve had the Italian Stallion thing, which was by far my favourite, the filo pastry chicken and leek pie and I have just made us the tortilla wrap pizza (with an egg?!?!). It has all been really tasty and we have done okay. But, I am struggling with the lunch things. Should I just make extra and microwave it at work the next day? Hmmmm. We are really trying – we even took horrendous ‘before’ photos to motivate us! Haha! Anyway, the point of this blog is to say that I am going to really, really try to be better! Here’s some picture of the yummy pizza tortilla thing that I made us…

Peace and love,

Polly May xx




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