Easter Ticklist….


I’m so organised… Just uploaded my Easter Nests post and I stumbled on this. Clearly, I knew I wanted to do a lot this holiday! Ha! I wonder how much of it I can actually get done! Lol! Here goes…

It’s been a long term and a fairly stressful one too, but with the help of a course and an entire weekend of sleeping, films and not a lot else, I am feeling a lot more positive about everything. So, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a little Easter holidays Ticklist…

  • Go the the Crime Exhibition in London (I think it’s at The Museum of London but I’m not 100%).
  • Go to Brighton and take pictures of the colourful huts on my digital SLR.
  • Meet up with Emma.
  • Spend the day with Lynn.
  • Read a big chunk of another book.
  • Get organised and ready for summer term (A boring, but important one. I don’t want to be stressed again!).
  • Meet up for lunch with my old work friends.
  • Draw something in my sketchbook because I haven’t done this forever!
  • Walk lots and be healthy.
  • See Briony.
  • Meet up with Hannah and Louise!
  • Go to the Turkish Night and belly dance!
  • Take lots of pictures on my new digital SLR!
  • Go to Cambridge and go punting down the river!

I’m going to totally accept this challenge!

Peace and love and free time (Woo hoo!),

Polly May xx


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